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My Notes: Your Short-Term Reference Point
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Think of My Notes as a sophisticated notepad that will assist in your search for creative professionals. Quickly create simple records so you may compare and contrast a shortlist of creative services (keep this window open as a reference area, then return to it to enter and access information). See Guide Below

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My Notes Guide


My Notes is designed to act as a reference point that assists in the task of comparing and contrasting the differences between creative people. Keep the My Notes window open as you continue your search for creative people.

The My Notes window (this page) will in practice 'lay behind' your main browser window much of the time. When you find someone of interest that you'd like to make a note of, return to My Notes and enter information about them in a New Record.
You may then continue to browse for suitable creative services as you establish your shortlist.


• Make your entries into the tables above then 'Save Record'

• Navigate through your records using the|<< <>>>|buttons

• Delete a Record by using the 'Delete Record' button

• Click 'New Record' or 'NEW' to create further Records

• Cancel making a new Record by using the 'CANCEL' button

Using My Notes

Storing text from a web page in My Notes:

1 Select and copy the text you require on the web page in question

old down Ctrl + c or Apple + c on a Mac to copy the text)

2 Select the My Notes window

3 Click 'New Record' or 'NEW'

4 Click within the appropriate field in My Notes and paste the text
(hold down Ctrl + V to paste the text)

5 Click 'Save Record'

When using a Mac replace the Ctrl key with the apple symbol key when copying and pasting

Ending your My Notes session

When you close the My Notes window by clicking the 'Close My Notes' button towards the top right of this window, your form input will be lost. We therefore advise you copy, paste, then save any information you wish to keep into a document on your local computer before closing. When the 'Close My Notes' button is used, a warning dialogue appears providing an option to cancel the closure of the session.

How My Notes works

My Notes uses JavaScript and a cookie routine to store information on your local computer. You will therefore need to enable JavaScript, and to allow cookies to function for My Notes to work. No data is sent or received by our servers when using My Notes.

Arrived here using an external link?

If you have arrived on this page as a result of an external link please visit AbleStable's® Homepage. My Notes (this page) should be viewed in a specially sized window and is available from within our directory: just click on a Creative Area (choose from among the row of coloured horizontal buttons on our homepage) and you'll find a link to My Notes on the page that opens.

Problems: My Notes is not working

To achieve the functionality that My Notes provides, users' require:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 (or higher), or Netscape 6 (or higher)

JavaScript enabled (a default setting in the above browsers)

Their browser to accept Cookies

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