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Who Can Enter?

Anyone! If you are the originator of a creative work (an image, movie, poem etc.), you are welcome to enter your work for the AbleStable competition.

How to submit work

Stage 1

Complete and submit the competition entry form below.

Stage 2

After checking your entry form we'll email you with instructions about how to send us your work.

Terms and Conditions

By entering work for our competition all entrants agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Entry limitations

Entrants may submit a total of three works per competition in one, two, or three of the following categories: images; movies; text (eg. 1 image and 2 text entries).

Work we do not accept

We do not accept any work unsuitable for children as our site is for general viewing.

Competition Entry Form
All fields are compulsory
Your Name
Company Name
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Email Address
Confirm Email Address
Copyright Statement

I have the authority to present work I submit for competitions at AbleStable.

Any trademark depicted in competition entries is the property of the trademark owner, who retains the rights to said trademark. Presented items may also be subject to copyright or other protection. Accordingly, the presentation at AbleStable of any item does not constitute a license or permission to use such item except within the context of the competitions area and exhitions area at AbleStable. Downloading, copying, transmitting or any other use of the displayed item is prohibited.
I agree with the Copyright Statement (this field must be ticked)
Ethical Policy

If evidence is produced of a competition entrant found to be in contravention of either of our ethical policies, that entrant will immediately be removed from AbleStable and barred indefinitely.
I do not employ child labour (this field must be ticked)
I am not involved in the production or distribution of pornography (this field must be ticked)
How you came to know of AbleStable
I came to know of AbleStable via
Name of above

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of competitions at AbleStable
(this field must be ticked)

If you are happy with your completed registration ignore the 'Reset' button below.

Using 'Reset' will irreversibly delete the entire entry form input from your current session so you may start again.

Submitting the entry form

Click the 'Submit' button below ONCE.

Wait up to 1 minute for the form to be sent and processed. You will know you have successfully sent the form when a 'success' page appears.
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Submit your competition entry
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