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Competition Theme: Struggle

Welcome to the competition winner's area. View the current winning entries below and details about the authors and their winning work.
Competition Awards

AbleStable Competitions Award Previous winners of AbleStable competitions displaying this Award must link to this area for the Award to be valid.
Theme :: Freedom :: Announced :: August 2007 ::

Author: David Woolbrook

Title: Netting on the Teign

Medium: Photograph

Netting on the Teign AbleStable Competitions Award click the winning image to enlarge

Brief Bio: David Woolbrook lives in Sidmouth situated on the Devon coastline and is a keen photographer.

Review: The River Teign falls from Dartmoor to Teignmouth on the South Devon coast. David's photograph shows two fishermen hauling in the nets - one is barely seen. The calm surface of the water belies the hightening panic and struggle that ensues below.

There is a town by the river on the far bank and a few scattered homes that run up the hillside toward the low cloud which billows in the late afternoon. The nets are pulled towards the shaw, arm by arm. Some fish are destined to be dead on show in the window of the white painted brick corner shop in the town, others escape for the freedom of the river.

Whether we happen to be swimming on the right side of the river or within the reaches of an unseen net, if we are free, it is often a matter of good fortune.

Highly Commended

Author: Anonymous

Title: FreePlay

Medium: Digital Photograph

FreePlay Competition Highly Commended Award click the image to enlarge

Brief Bio: This work was submitted to AbleStable by an a
nonymous contributor.

Review: FreePlay shows four empty toddler swings and a roundabout at rest. The formal composition of the photo runs counter to the purpose of the objects shown. The over-saturated colours and fluid distortions suggest a state of unreality and dream.

The playground is a place where adults are comfortable. A controlled environment where freedom is constrained. The all-encompassing fence like the vertical bars of a prison, and below each play object, an area where feet may run and fall, but where in this scene none are present. A place of limited fun. A place of escape.

Freedom is defined by the power to act, speak, or think without externally imposed restraints. Playgrounds are good, but the dangers and treasures of the unconstrained exploration of the outside world is crucial for our greater development.

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