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  Member Profile: Gypsypen at AbleStable®
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Member Profile Member Profile: Gypsypen

Members are creative professionals who are registered at AbleStable® and who offer products and/or services for sale of which they are the originator. Professional Status: Definition

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Name Gypsypen
Creatives at AbleStable

Professional Status Full Professional

Year established 01/01/85

Tagline I specialize in turning your ideas & concepts into clear, concise and engaging, professional documents.

Creative Area/s Discipline/s
Writing Copywriting


Detailed View
Contact Details
Name Gypsypen

Address Ontario

Post/Zip Code (Omitted)

Country CA

E-mail Address

Phone Number [1] 705-728-5901

Mobile Phone (Omitted)

Web Address

Fax Number (Omitted)
Member Information
Status Private Individual

Computer/s Used PC

Work Undertaken (Omitted)

Biography 17+ years experience and training as an 'Online Internet Marketing Business Specialist' with numerous websites that cater to the business owners, entrepreneurs & private home users. As part of my professional specialization I've studied behavioral marketing and business psychology. This, combined with my creative abilities and writing skills, are building me a reputation as one of the most sought-after resources for professional and creative copywriting services.

Awards and Nominations Elected for Editors choice awards with 7/11 entries.
Nominated as 'Leading Internet Strategist' in 2002.
Plus numerous others... Please contact me to review &/or identify

Industry Associations With 17+ years marketing & writing for the business sector, I don't believe there is a 'type' of business I haven't provided professional assistance to in some fashion!
Creative Activity
Creative Areas Discipline/s
Writing Copywriting

Genre/s Creative, Literal, Technical... VERSATILE.
Very skilled in a variety of voices.


Physical Material/s PC, Windows, .doc .pdf .rtf formats + email, html, dhtml, sgml, and many other programming languages.

Regional Style/s US English
CDN English

Computing Skill/s 23 years pc experience. From repair to programming! I've been online since 1991 and average approx. 40hours/wk.

Design Skill/s (Omitted)

Practical Skill/s


Theme/s (Omitted)
Business Practice
Terms and Conditions Negotiated per contract / project

Deposit Required Yes

Special Payment Terms Yes

Pricing Policy Copyright given over

Ownership Policy Non-exclusive copyright

Ownership Policy Explained Please realize that all projects are as unique as the individuals and businessess I completing the work for. Ownership of copyright IS ALWAYS NEGOTIABLE and occassionally affects the fees I charge (i.e. ebooks)

Previous Clients Aquachem Corp.
LAC Systems Intl.
St.Amant Industries
Powerad Affiliate Corp
Thompson Ltd.
Synergetic Software Sys.
Blue Mountain
Mossman Industries
Vendor Communications Ltd
VCI Corp Intl.
iFACE Intl.
S.P.A. Systems.
+ numerous small business online and offline. Such as independant contractors, software developers, ebook publishers, affiliate marketers, etc.

Examples of Work Examples of Work Available at:

Work on the Internet
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