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  Member Profile: Peter Schwartz at AbleStable®
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Member Profile Member Profile: Peter Schwartz

Members are creative professionals who are registered at AbleStable® and who offer products and/or services for sale of which they are the originator. Professional Status: Definition

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Name Peter Schwartz
Creatives at AbleStable

Professional Status Full Professional

Year established January 1, 1979

Tagline Killer copy. Proven results.

Creative Area/s Discipline/s
Writing Copywriting


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Contact Details
Name Peter Schwartz

Address 1408 North Fillmore Street, Suite 10, Arlington, Virginia

Post/Zip Code 22201

Country US

E-mail Address

Phone Number 703- 812-9004

Mobile Phone (Omitted)

Web Address (Omitted)

Fax Number 703-812-9212
Member Information
Status Sole-trade, small company

Computer/s Used Mac and PC

Work Undertaken Copywriting

Biography Former co-creative director of a Washington, D. C.-London-Paris-Amsterdam direct marketing advertising agency, Peter Schwartz has 25 years of experience conceptualizing, writing, and producing direct response advertising; print advertising; collateral materials; and video, Web-based, and multi-media educational, training and promotional materials for a broad range of companies, organizations, and industries in the U. S. and Europe.

Awards and Nominations Echo Award, 1989

Industry Associations (Omitted)
Creative Activity
Creative Areas Discipline/s
Writer Copywriting

Genre/s (Omitted)

Object Specialism/s (Omitted)

Physical Material/s (Omitted)

Regional Style/s (Omitted)

Computing Skill/s (Omitted)

Design Skill/s (Omitted)

Practical Skill/s


Theme/s (Omitted)
Business Practice
Terms and Conditions 50% at start, the rest, 30 days after completion.

Deposit Required Yes

Special Payment Terms Yes, in some cases

Pricing Policy Case by case

Ownership Policy Non-exclusive copyright

Ownership Policy Explained I have the write to use my copy to promote my services, unless the subject is of a strictly confidential nature.

Previous Clients The AA
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
American Express (France)
American Mobile Satellite Corp.
American Reinsurance
American Society of Interior Designers
Arthritis Foundation
Association of University Women
Atkins Health Revelations
Banque Nationale de Paris (France)
Bell Atlantic
Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.
The Business Roundtable
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Cigna Assurance (UK & France)
Commercial Union (UK)
Fannie Mae
GE Transportation Systems
Food Marketing Institute
Independent Insurance Agents of America
Louis Rukeyser¹s Wall Street
Marriott Corporation
Martin Marietta
Mercedes-Benz N.A.
McCormick Spice Co.
MedImmune, Inc.
Mount Sinai Hospital
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
National Food Processors Association
National Westminster Bank (UK),
Reader¹s Digest (U.K.)
Tel Aviv University
The Royal (UK)
Time-Life Books
Thomson Publishing
Travelers Insurance
United States Navy
PostBank (Holland)
United States Postal Service
Woodward and Lothrop
Wolf Trap Farm For The Performing Arts
Yale Hirsch Newsletters

Examples of Work (o BARCLAYS BANK (financial services-the U. K.): Unlike their American counterparts, English credit card holders are reluctant to go into debt. They tend to pay off their balances each month. This Echo Award-winning personal loan package sold these prudent customers on taking out a loan by showing them 1) the "possibilities" a loan could open up for them, 2) the advantageous interest rates and guarantees being offered, and 3) how easy and risk-free it was to apply for a loan over the telephone. The package won an Echo Award and remained "control" for four years.

o NEDLLOYD LINES (shipping): Who are your best customers--and what do they really want from your company? Nedlloyd¹s innovative database campaign accomplished two goals: 1) it gathered valuable marketing information about current and potential customers, and 2) it announced the launch of Nedlloyd¹s Far East shipping routes with a print campaign that demonstrated the company¹s intimate knowledge of Japanese, Korean, and other Asian cultures. The print campaign said, in effect, "We not only ship your goods there, we help you navigate the intricacies of trading in Asia." The campaign culminated with a targeted mailing to shipping executives that included a handsome pen (to fill out the database questionnaire) and a chance to win a two-week vacation for two in Thailand.

o CITIBANK (banking): Cross-selling more products and services to your best customers is the easiest way to increase the profitability of your direct marketing effort. Building on the relationships it already had with its best credit card customers, Citibank sold its affiliated auto club with an invitation to "Test drive our auto club ­ free ­ and prove it to yourself." Instead of resting on the goodwill the bank already had, it encouraged customers to make a benefit-by-benefit comparison with the top competition in the field.

o MARRIOTT CORPORATION (hospitality): Corporate healthcare costs are skyrocketing. Slowing this upward trend often requires enlisting the help of employees‹not an easy sell. This multi-year communications strategy and multimedia campaign led to a $1 million reduction in corporate outlays for drug costs within its first year. The campaign gave employees the skills and knowledge to make better and less expensive healthcare choices.

o CHEFS IN PARADISE (travel/cuisine): Imagine spending ten days cooking and eating with a world-renown chef at one of the world¹s most exclusive spas‹just you, your partner and four other couples. For food connoisseurs and avid travelers, this is a fantasy to whet not just the appetite, but all the senses. This direct maseries of television commercials used humor and fantasy scenarios (in one, an aerial view of the Virgin Islands morphed into an exquisite gourmet meal) in order to build awareness and response and was launched in concert with an exclusive "invitation-style" mail campaign.

o BENDIX AEROSPACE (aerospace): How do you make tangible the intangible benefits of superior engineering? With a VIP multi-media theater installation that compares the engineering wizardry of the Eiffel Tower
(then, the most revolutionary use of new materials) with today¹s high-performance chip "architecture." Two multi-media trade booth presentations portrayed Bendix avionics "at work" through simulated combat scenarios at the Army and Air Force trade exhibitions. A comprehensive, four-color book, describing Bendix¹s full range of avionics, served as a "take-away" at both shows.

o GLAXOSMITHKLINE (pharmaceuticals): We¹ve all had the experience of "not connecting" with someone else. We think we¹re communicating, but somehow the other person doesn¹t "get it." For a pharmaceutical salesperson trying to sell a new drug to a doctorŠor for an oncology nurse trying to follow a doctor¹s ordersŠthe consequences of miscommunication can be serious. Often, the problem is a failure to recognize ­ and adjust to ­ the other person¹s communication style. SmithKline¹s I SPEAK video training program teaches medical people how to recognize communication styles -- their own style and others¹ -- and then how to adjust their style in order to communicate more effectively. The program, which includes leaders¹ and participants¹ guides, has been used effectively with doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical salespeople.

o MCCORMICK SPICE CO (food): How do you entice cost-conscious cooks into buying hand-made cookware, exquisite utensils, and gourmet food items? With a catalogue that creates a "total experience" for the buyer. This innovative cook¹s catalogue presented each item within the context of a regional cuisine and created a dining experience that began with authentic menus, moved to professional cooking implements, and finished with serving plates, flatware, and beverage choices for desert. The catalogue surpassed the response rate of the previous year¹s catalogue by 100%.

o COVERDELLONLINE (insurance): The Web is a powerful educational and marketing tool for financial services companies. This Fortune 500 insurance broker designed their website to be both. Visitors to the site can easily educate themselves about several dozen types of insurance, find out what the benefits of each type are, and decide which types of protection are right for them. The educational section of this website (which I created) provides potential buyers with the objective, easy-to-understand information they need to make an informed buying decision. Once they know what they want, a simple "click" connects them to the quotation section, where they can enter their personal information and get competitive quotes. If they decide to "buy," they can sign up for a policy online. Depending on the individual and his needs, the entire online transaction need only take minutes.

o HILLMUTH CAR REPAIR CENTERS (services): All garages do the same thing‹they fix cars, right? Wrong! Anyone who has ever had his car serviced knows that there are a big differences among garages. Rare is the operation that gets the job done right the first time and charges an honest price. It is hard for the consumer to find these "gems," but it is equally hard for the truly great garages to stand out among the mass of second-rate operations. This series of television commercials helped this client stand out by making the bold claim: "If your car isn¹t running great at 150,000 miles, fire your mechanic!" The commercials used a variety of humorous premises and hard-hitting factual claims to substantiate the service¹s superiority.

o ONLINE COMMUNICATIONS (telecommunications): The earliest attempts at "PC banking" were costly failures. Yet, given the tremendous competitive and economic pressures on banks, the concept of PC banking made a lot of sense, if only one could implement it and sell it to the public. This business-to-business direct marketing campaign ­ "Home Banking That Makes Banking Sense" ­ sold bank executives on a new, highly cost-effective and compelling way to implement and market online banking and bill-pay systems, years before those systems became ubiquitous.

o COMMERCIAL UNION (financial services-the U. K.): In the early to mid
1980s, the English public was both inexperienced at (and afraid of) investing in stocks and excited at the prospect of making a lot of money from the IPOs of newly privatized institutions, such as British Airways, British Gas and the like. Commercial Union, one of the most respected insurance companies in the U. K. wanted to capitalize on the "gold rush" mentality by launching its own family of unit trusts. Using the theme, "Where The Smart Money Will Be On Friday, June 1st at 3:00pm," we got people to respond quickly and overwhelmingly. The print and mail campaign created the most successful unit-trust launch in British history and attracted £220 million in investments in just four weeks.

UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE (government): Imagine you are a Washington D. C. bureaucrat assigned to give a 40-minute speech filled with charts and graphs depicting obscure (but important!) financial data to a "field" audience that doesn¹t understand a word of what you have to say. How do you keep them awake and involved? It¹s a speechwriter¹s nightmare! Fortunately, Madame Zalonka had an opening in her busy schedule. Dressed in full gypsy regalia, she co-delivered the speech with the client, using her good humor and clairvoyant clear sense to prod him into a) speaking plain English, b) emphasizing the points that were critical to the audience¹s job performance, and c) making the audience laugh along the way.

o CHAPSTICK AND SEARGEANTS PET PRODUCTS (consumer products): Wrote the speeches for the combined sales management team for the annual sales meeting of these two national brands (both owned by the sales company). The speech turned facts and figures and about new product introductions, sales quotes and goals, and past performance into snappy, motivational material for these former P&G sales managers. I also wrote a motivational video opener, called Performance Counts, for the meeting.

o DIGITAL (computers): Systems integrationŠintranetsŠconnectivity. Every company wants its computer systems to communicate enterprise-wide. But few in-house IT departments have the resources or expertise to create and maintain high-performance networks. DIGITAL does. This "live" trade booth presentation featured "ClickMaster" ­ DIGITAL¹s top systems integrator ­ who makes networking click for our everyman IT professional, Mr. Jones. Resembling Cirque du Soleil in its use of physical humor and pathos, this "live" presentation tackled complex subjects such as "global integration," "technology migration and standardization," and "sub-second response time" by acting out on stage four compelling corporate case studies.

NATIONAL COALITION OF CANCER SURVIVORSHIP (non-profit): One person is diagnosed with cancer every 30 seconds. One person dies from cancer every minute. The statistics are terrifying. Cancer will kill more people this year than all of the Americans who have died in all of the wars fought in this century. Nevertheless, funding for cancer research is only a tiny fraction of what is spent on the defense budget. This video (designed for NCCS¹s annual vigil on the Mall) dramatized cancer¹s rapaciousness with the "cancer calculator" and built hope in the power of ordinary people to change the national agenda and direct more of this country¹s wealth into the fight against our Number One Enemy: cancer in all its forms.

o ASAE (associations): The best salesperson is a satisfied customer‹and the same rule applies to association members. ASAE¹s new "new member" recruiting video weaves member testimonials into a story that shows the benefits of ASAE membership in action. An association CEO and his vice president are reviewing audit recommendations submitted by an outside management consulting firm. The association is facing major growth challenges. As they review the list, the CEO realizes that each challenge brings to mind a conversation he has had with another ASAE member on that topic‹a conversation that is re-enacted in the video with actual ASAE members providing on-camera testimonials. ASAE, its members and its programs, prove to be a trove of solutions for associations seeking to be on the cutting edge of organizational development.

CONRAIL (railroads): For the workers who maintain Conrail¹s track, "safety" is literally a matter of life and death. Whether they are working with or around heavy machinery, or wielding a pick along the track, workers must follow safety procedures at all times. Even a moment¹s inattention can mean a spike in the leg, a backhoe¹s shovel in the head, or death from a loose car running silently along ribbon rail. This series of detailed, no-nonsense videos demonstrated safety procedures (and government regulations) for working on the track, operating a spiker, working on or around a backhoe, and conducting a job briefing. The videos employed real-life simulations using track workers.

o SEARLE (pharmaceuticals): Even doctors like a thrill when they¹re being sold a new drug. That was the philosophy behind this full-motion, Universal Studios-style ride-plus- multi-media trade show presentation that announced the launch of Searle¹s new NSAID--Celebra. After strapping into their Alimentary Transportation Pod, the doctors and the Celebra capsule shoot down the patient¹s throat and into his stomach, where Celebra goes to work on the COX-1 and 2 enzymes. A regular NSAID (an aspirin tablet) has already upset the stomach (depicted as large, sweaty men wielding pickaxes) and the doctors¹ Pod takes cuts 90 degrees to avoid stomach acid spewing from ulcers on the stomach wall. Needless to say, the Pod encounters many other hair-raising events before Celebra¹s "mechanism of action" finally quiets the stomach and the inflammation, and our doctors are returned safely to the Searle trade booth and exhibition floor.

o JEWISH WOMEN INTERNATIONAL (non-profit): The most heart-breaking victims of the Holocaust where the children. In 1943, Jewish Women International
(until recently known as B¹nai B¹rith Women) founded a special residential therapeutic treatment center for the child victims of the Holocaust. Since then, The Children¹s Home has helped hundreds of emotionally disturbed boys overcome their problems and become productive members of Israeli society. Jewish Women International continues to provide a large portion of the funds required to keep this "oasis of hope" alive and well. This 30-minute documentary gave viewers direct insight into the Home¹s therapeutic methods and has been used as an effective fund-raiser for years.

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