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  Member Profile: telliferia at AbleStable®
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Member Profile Member Profile: telliferia

Members are creative professionals who are registered at AbleStable® and who offer products and/or services for sale of which they are the originator. Professional Status: Definition

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Name telliferia
Creatives at AbleStable

Professional Status Active Practitioner

Year established 07/05/1980

Tagline Writing for any reason, at any moment, at any
time . . .

Creative Area/s Discipline/s
Writing Fiction


Detailed View
Contact Details
Name telliferia

Address 5224 Ames Street NE. Washington, DC

Post/Zip Code 20019-6605

Country US

E-mail Address

Phone Number 1-202-396-5157

Mobile Phone 202-390-0248

Web Address (Omitted)

Fax Number (Omitted)
Member Information
Status Private Individual

Computer/s Used PC

Work Undertaken Presently written 5 full length novels, 4 short stories, 4 children's tales, 14 poems/two published, 1 limited comic feature.

Biography Born on Thursday, June 17th at 4:15 am in the blushing morn, I was always a reader and a talker. At age 15 I realized that I had a talent for the written word, by age 23 I knew that I was a writer, specifically Science Fiction/Fantasy.

Awards and Nominations (Omitted)

Industry Associations NPR
Creative Activity
Creative Areas Discipline/s
Writing Fiction

Genre/s Science Fiction and Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, Juvenile, world
/universe building. First contact, invasion, colony building.

Object Specialism/s Full length novels, short stories, poems, character sketches-color/b&w, my own comic art.

Physical Material/s PC, white paper, black paper, pencil, ink, markers, color oil pencil, white paint.

Regional Style/s American and Japanese

Computing Skill/s AOL 7/8, MSN 7/2000, MS Word, CorelWP, WP, Aldus Photo Styler.

Design Skill/s Cartoon animation, script handwriting, block printing, sketching.

Practical Skill/s

Charcoal, chalk, ink and marker drawing/sketching.

Theme/s Juvenile to Adult fantasy and science fiction based adventures.
Business Practice
Terms and Conditions Outright purchase, w/wo royalty percentage, and retain rights over certain material.

Deposit Required No

Special Payment Terms Yes

Pricing Policy Case by Case

Ownership Policy Copyright maintained

Ownership Policy Explained Because certain places, organizations and people
created by me reoccur in more than one of my works I need to retain the rights to continue to use that material whatever it may entail.

Previous Clients Magnum Publications, DC Public Schools.

Examples of Work On the outer perimeter of Pluto, a mission into deep uncharted space which comprised of four ships returns five years late, missing its flag ship and co-flag ship. The ships crews are dead, dying, mad, going mad or in a high state of confusion and there is a dead body of an alien being sprawled on the command deck . . .

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