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Who can contribute?


Whether you're five or a hundred and five, a seasoned creative professional or someone exploring their creativity for the first time, all are welcome to submit work for our exhibitions.

Work we do not accept
We do not accept any work unsuitable for children as our exhibitions are for general viewing.

How to submit work

We currently accept images, Flash movies, and text for our exhibitions
. Contributors are limited to submitting up to three files in total.

Follow the guidelines in the right hand column and ensure you attach your files to an email stating your name, the work's title, and a brief bio.

Send to


Image files
Images must be in either gif or jpg format and be no larger than 700X400 pixels or 100kb per file.

Attach your files to an email stating your name, the work's title, and a brief bio. Send to

All Flash movie files must be self-contained and without any need for server side processing. Files are limited to 300kb

Attach your files to an email stating your name, the work's title, and a brief bio. Send to

Text files can be pasted as part of your email's body and be no larger than 3,000 words. Please make very clear where your written contribution begins and ends.

Attach your files to an email stating your name, the work's title, and a brief bio. Send to

What you must agree to when submitting work for an exhibition

Important guideline for children and young people (below the age of 18)
You may not submit work to the Exhibitions Area at
AbleStable® without the consent of your Parent or Guardian.

Why so many words?

Our conditions are designed to protect contributors and aim to ensure our exhibitions can be viewed by a general audience.

We have tried hard to make the wording of our conditions as easy to read as possible. We hope you view these conditions as both protecting your interests as potential contributors, and ensuring we maintain a high-quality exhibition area. AbleStable® also produces a Privacy Statement you may wish to view which sets out our information gathering practices in detail.

View our summary of conditions in plain and simple language

All contributors to our exhibitions agree to the following:

General Conditions

1) AbleStable® retains the right to choose and arrange work submitted, and to remove work from the site at its sole discretion.

AbleStable® retains the right to reject work on the grounds of illegality, copyright infringement and violating public taste and decency.

3) Although copyright remains with the contributor, AbleStable® reserves the right to free reproduction of materials appearing at AbleStable® for publicity purposes and any AbleStable® publications (digital, multimedia, audio, and text).

Music must be offered as RealAudio, or another music file acceptable to AbleStable®.

5) Visual art must be offered as jpg or gif, or another graphic file acceptable to AbleStable®.

6) Multimedia, film, and video must be offered in Flash, QuickTime, or another format acceptable to AbleStable®.

7) Prose text files must be offered as a basic unformatted text file: Notepad.

8) All work must be totally self contained and require no server-side processing.

Legal Conditions

Publishing artistic work on the Internet is complex legally, and AbleStable® aims to ensure submissions fall within the law (United Kingdom and/or International).

1) Users hereby grant AbleStable® a non-exclusive license to use the supplied material(s) ("the Material") or parts thereof for dissemination over the internet via AbleStable's® On-line services throughout the world for the full period of copyright.

2) AbleStable® shall not be obliged to make use of any Material and shall not be liable for any loss of publicity or enhancement of reputation or otherwise.

3) Contributions to AbleStable's® Exhibition Area will not be returned and shall become the property of AbleStable®. It is therefore advisable for all contributors to retain a copy of their work.

4) Users of AbleStable® hereby warrant that any copyright material contained in the Material shall be either 4a) or 4b):

4a) an original work of their own which they are fully at liberty to use for all purposes of this Agreement without the license or permission of any other person or entities and without infringing the copyright or any other rights whatsoever of any other person or entities.

4b) an original work which they are fully at liberty to use for all purposes of this Agreement by reason of holding all necessary licenses or permissions from all persons or entities contributing to the Material by their visual artwork, multimedia authoring, writing, composing, musical performance or otherwise, and contributors warrant that they are authorised by any such persons or entities to make the Material.

To the extent that contributors are not so authorised Users shall clearly notify AbleStable® in writing and supply to AbleStable® such information as is available to them to enable the identity of the person or entities contributing to the Material to be ascertained. AbleStable® may then obtain further consent(s) from such person or entities before considering the Material for use by AbleStable®.

5) Users of AbleStable® will indemnify and keep AbleStable® indemnified from and against all and any claims, costs, damages, expenses, actions suffered or incurred by AbleStable® arising out of any breach of the warranties hereby given.

6) Users permit AbleStable® to edit or change the Material in any way that AbleStable® may in its sole discretion consider necessary for the purposes of use in AbleStable's® on-line services.

7) Users of AbleStable®, by supplying the Material and entering into this Agreement, hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waive in perpetuity any so called "moral rights" in respect of the Material and grant any consents required under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 (UK).

8) AbleStable® reserves the right to seek and issue publicity on behalf of the contributors.

9) Acceptance of these Legal Conditions is a condition of entry of the Material, and receipt of Material amounts to acceptance of the Legal Conditions.

10) Contributions are made at the User's own expense and AbleStable® shall not be liable to reimburse any expenses incurred in making a contribution of the Material.

11) Contributions must not contain defamatory or obscene material.

12) Users of AbleStable® must not and may not enter into this Agreement if a contract exists which precludes their work being published elsewhere (an agreement which may exist between the contributor and: a record label; publisher - print and/or electronic - ; agent, or any other interested party who holds rights to represent or publish the User's material).

13) All information, text, and electronic images contained within the site are the intellectual property of AbleStable® and may not be reproduced or used in any way (other than for personal use) without permission. Note: This condition is to protect contributor's work from being copied elsewhere without the permission of contributors or AbleStable®, and does not affect the contributor's primary copyright.

14) Site design is the copyright of AbleStable® © 2002-2007.

 All Material: AbleStable © 2002-2007
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