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Exhibitions Centre at AbleStable (currently open)
  Welcome to the Exhibitions Centre at AbleStable®
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Exhibitions at AbleStable


Welcome to the Exhibitions Centre. I hope you'll find these Exhibitions thought provoking as much as a pleasure to your senses.

The Exhibitions have established a reputation for high quality curatorial and presentational values, and they have all been specially created and are only available at

Submit Your Work

I practice an open submissions policy at
AbleStable. If you have work that you feel deserves to be experienced by others in a high quality exhibition context I'd like to hear from you. If you wish to submit work for an Exhibition please visit Contribute.

Comment on our Exhibitions Area

To comment on an exhibition or to make suggestions or observations about the Exhibition Area in general, go to React.

Mike de Sousa
Director, AbleStable

Future Exhibitions

Being Blind (2008)

You may be, or know someone who is, sight impaired. You may imagine how not seeing might impact upon your life. Send your thoughts, your pictures, your poems and more...

To provide work for this exhibition go to Contribute.

Current Exhibitions

Ethical Robot

Ethical Robot raises questions about our attitudes, behaviors and actions towards what may be a new race...

The Poetry of Animation

The Poetry of Animation, The Work of Bruno Bozzetto...

start the Poetry of Animation

Early Days

The Age of Old, reflections from the world of the long lived person...

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Early Days

Early Days, a journey into distant memory...

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Connections provides a thought provoking journey into how we connect.

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Behind The Mask

Behind The Mask
features work by
Mike de Sousa, Director of

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