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The Exhibitions Area at AbleStable is run as a community resource.

General comments and suggestions for our Exhibitions Area

This page outlines the aims of the Exhibitions Area and invites your feedback.


The Exhibitions Area at AbleStable is a forum for anyone creating original materials that are viewable and/or audible on-line, and features permanent and short term exhibitions with contributions invited from the general public and creative professionals
. There is no charge to submit work to the Exhibitions Area as it is established and run under a permanent basis as part of AbleStable's Community Development Policy.


The five aims of the Exhibitions Area are to:

• encourage the development of public participation in creative activity
• foster, nurture, and develop unrecognised talent
• represent a wide diversity of communities
• promote understanding of different creeds, ethnic backgrounds, gender, ages, and abilities
• provide a premium quality web site experience

Feedback Form

Please contribute to the development of our Exhibitions Area by completing the feedback form below:
(private individuals will be able to submit materials for the Exhibitions Area)
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Use the area below to make any comments or suggestions about a particular exhibition at AbleStable® or about the Exhibitions Area in general:

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