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Public and Industry Recognition

Welcome to the Awards page at AbleStable where we present reactions from people who have used our service.

AbleStable Awards

If you've arrived here looking for information about the kinds of awards AbleStable presents, or you'd like to varify a product, competition, or website award, go to AbleStable Awards.


Computer Arts, the world's biggest selling creative magazine, views AbleStable as an outstanding resource for creative people... Computer Arts is published in the UK by Future Publishing and is the world's best selling creative magazine. AbleStable has enjoyed the explicit endorsement of Computer Arts in quarter page editorial features in the magazine for an unprecedented three months in succession. The magazine's recognition of AbleStable's commitment to quality and service represents a great achievement.

AbleStable is listed in the prestigious Writer's Digest top 101 websites.

'A community resource for creative arts, this web site is a very useful source of ideas and information for art, computing, and business students. In Articles, topics explain artists’ work in such areas as Business, Web design, and using the Internet. What’s new relates developments in the creative community, with a technological focus, and Tools contains useful artistic, mathematical, and technological online tools. The interactive Exhibitions uses photography and written text for excellent examples of web site design. Senior art students and English students will also find inspiration here. The site contains information for a variety of syllabuses, and teacher research will assess the full benefit of what is on offer. This will be time well spent.'
N. French, Charles Sturt University, Australia:

'Sign up to AbleStable's impressive creative directory...'
Computer Arts, the world's best-selling creative magazine

'Wow - fantastic information!'
Dan Broughton: 4 Walls Visual Communication:

'Well, I must admit I am thoroughly impressed. That critique was absolutely terrific - succinct, accurate, and it highlighted a number of issues I hadn't even considered.'
John Simpson, Expert Web Designer,

'A provider of high quality resources for creative people...'
AI Internet Solutions (opens new browser window)

'A Great Site! Looks Fantastic...'
Molly E. Holzschlag, Communications Director, World Organization of Webmasters:
Author; Instructor; Web Designer

'You're providing the creative community with a first-rate service at next to no cost. How do you do it? Keep it up and good wishes for the future...'
Paul Masters, professional designer

'...insightful and accurate and an excellent basis for further improving the site'
Tech Support Alert (refering to our Website Critique service)

'This provides very helpful information for me and I will implement the
suggestions you have made... You provide a valuable service...'
Gary S Berger MD,
(refering to our Website Critique service)

'I think it is great for creative people who are perhaps as yet unknown to find a place to be able to display their work where others can see and appreciate it.'
Hil Gibbs, general user commenting about our Exhibition Area

'I have been looking at your web site with great interest. You can be sure that in the future AbleStable is where I shall head for first. Continued success is wished to you all.'
Jan Hall, general user

'You guys rock! It's a great site... Your company is doing a great job and service to the creative community. I wish you the best of luck with this endeavor!'
Mazze Media Group (local link)

My profile looks great, the pictures look great... What you do at AbleStable is very ambitious and even brave in a way. Thank you for providing this service for free...'
Isabelle Plasschaert (local link)

'The critique is highly professional and very comprehensive... You have identified exactly what I need to do to bring my website up to scratch... Thanks for a realy good experience...'
Dey and Associates, (refering to our Website Critique service)

'Wow, you guys are so fast! Thanks so much, and all for nothing too...'
Deborah Adams (creative professional referring to their Free Member service)

Web Awards

Within the first eight weeks of its' launch AbleStable was awarded a Canadian Web Award for providing a Canadian friendly, and informative website. We've gone on to receive many plaudits from the web community including a coveted Gold Artsy Award, Webmasters Award, and the Golden Web Award.

Winning Webmaster Award The Webmaster Award (opens new window - enter our Winners ID: 2789). The judges comments: After a review of the website, our staff of judges has found it to be in the top 2% of all the websites we've reviewed. Of the thousands of websites we review every month, our staff believes AbleStable to have exceptional graphics as well as unique and interesting content.

What's your rating of AbleStable?

To be honest, although we're proud of our awards, we value our users opinion more than any others.

You can have your say about the service we provide by going to Feedback. We value your thoughts about our site and, with your help, we can make our service even better.

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