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Publicity icon Publicity

Welcome to
Publicity at AbleStable. You'll find a range of logos, screenshots, and banners that you may use on your own web site, and in your print publications to link to AbleStable.

view larger AbleStable banner
Artwork presented on this page has been optimised for web and print use. Please ensure you use the appropriate artwork for your medium (web artwork has been optimised for monitor screens and to download quickly, whereas print artwork image files are far larger and of a higher resolution).
Conditions of Use
When using our logos, screenshots, or banners, you must not assert association with AbleStable, unless you are registered and using one of AbleStable's services. Please link any images you copy to (the forward slash at the end of a web address, while not essential, ensures all browsers and systems recognise the homepage).

All artwork on this page is licensed under a non-exclusive copyright arrangement: while you are free to use any artwork presented here, we assert our rights as primary copyright holder (All Material: AbleStable © 2002-2013).

Linking to AbleStable
Linking a web site to AbleStable is simple. Our main web address is:

HTML source for links to AbleStable
Use the 'Highlight All' button below to select all the source below, then copy (Ctrl-c for Windows, Apple-c for Mac) and paste (Ctrl-v for Windows, Apple-v for Mac) the code into the appropriate 'body' area of your web site.

click to download ablestable icon file
AbleStable Icons
Click the image on the left to download the ablestable.ico (7kb). Icons are different from standard images, and composed of several images: 16x16, 32x32, 48x48.
AbleStable designer logo
Our Designer Logo
Use an attractive alternative to our usual logo for your website link.
AbleStable logo: click for no border version
Our Master Logo
Use our Master Logo for web and print publications (click for no border version)
AbleStable Tag-line Logo
Our Tag-line Logo
You may freely cut and paste our tag-line logo (shown on the left) into your publications. This logo has been optimised for size and readability.
click for medium size screenshot
Homepage Screenshot
Cut and paste the AbleStable homepage screenshot (shown on the left) into your publications (Windows users running Internet Explorer may right click the image then select 'save as picture'). Clicking the image will show a preview of a mid-sized image file.
Start AbleStable Homepage Presentation
Flash Homepage Presentation
Enjoy our special feature presented in Flash movie format that shows the progression of
AbleStable's Homepage [1.13MB] from prototype to current version.

You may also Download the Flash Presentation [ 1.55MB] to view offline.
view larger AbleStable banner
Feature Banners
Cut and paste the AbleStable 'portrait' banner on the left. Click the banner for a range of different styles and formats. These banners are also available in pdf format for print publications (see below).
Web Banners
Cut and paste the AbleStable web banner below. The banner is also available in a smaller size, in white, and with a boarder (click the banner and a new window will appear).
AbleStable web banner
AbleStable Screenshots and Banner Downloads

Be Aware: the following links will open a new browser window with your choice of image file. The page that opens does not contain any active links.

You may freely save images by using the right click command while pointing to the image ('Control' click with a Mac): select 'save picture/image' in the resulting menu, then choose a memorable destination on your computer and save:

AbleStable Homepage screenshots for web sites

ablestable-hi-web.jpg (211kb): an optimised hi-res. large-scale screenshot

(73kb): an optimised medium-res. large-scale screenshot

ablestable-med.gif (75kb): an optimised medium-scale screenshot

ablestable-sml.gif (32kb): an optimised small-scale screenshot

ablestable-tiny.gif (7kb): an optimised tiny-scale screenshot

AbleStable Homepage screenshots for print publications

ablestable-prepress.exe (150kb) a very high-resolution large-scale Bitmap screenshot provided as a self expanding compressed file (no software required) (82kb) as above but provided as a compressed zip file

ablestable-hi-res.jpg (624kb) a high-res. large-scale jpg screenshot

Website Banners

ablestable-banner1.gif: (9kb) white with no boarder: 468X60 pixels

ablestable-banner2.gif: (9kb) white with boarder: 468X60 pixels

ablestable-banner3.gif: (8kb) black with no boarder: 468X60 pixels

ablestable-banner4.gif: (9kb) white with no boarder: 440X60 pixels

ablestable-banner5.gif: (9kb) white with boarder: 440X60 pixels

ablestable-banner6.gif: (8kb) black with no boarder: 440X60 pixels

Website Feature Banners

ablestable-tiny-add1.gif: (11.6kb) small 'landscape' web banner

ablestable-tiny-add2.gif: (6.95kb) small 'portrait' web banner

ablestable-add1.gif: (58.6kb): large, 'landscape' banner for web advertising

ablestable-add2.gif: (34.5kb): large 'portrait' banner for web advertising

as-web-add.gif: (8kb): small landscape banner

ablestable-add3-med.gif: (37kb): large landscape banner

Advertising Banners for print publications (PDF - Scalable)

ablestable-add3.pdf: (17kb) 'landscape' banner in pdf format for print publications

ablestable-add1.pdf: (15kb) 'landscape' banner in pdf format for print publications

ablestable-add2.pdf: (14kb) 'portrait' banner in pdf format for print publications

The Press Centre
The Press Centre at AbleStable carries further public relations materials for the press and media.

 All Material: AbleStable © 2002-2007
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