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Free Service!

Although the Member service from AbleStable has discontinued, you are welcome to visit the Creative Freelancers Directory.

Complete your profile using detailed, positive, and honest information about your creative work. It is counter productive to state, exaggerate, or imply you provide experience, products, or services that you do not. Misleading potential employers or clients will loose commissions and reputation.

Directory Services

New Opportunities

The Directory at AbleStable was very much a labor of love carried out on a not-for-profit basis over many years. Unfortunately, the registration forms were subject to increasing Spam attempts, and the manual updating of the directory became overwhelming in the face of my commercial and artistic commitments.

It took some considerable time to find a solution, but after much work I'm pleased to present a transformed listing for creative freelancers. The Creative Freelancers Directory launched in late May 2014. I hope the directory proves to be invaluable as a showcase for creative talent.

Mike de Sousa
Founder, AbleStable

Member Application

The member application at Creative Freelancers Directory is fast, easy, and affordable - there's even a free member level!

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