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Welcome to the Arcade Game Play Area at AbleStable®. We hope you like what's on offer. If you've any comments, good or bad, we'd like to hear them: email feedback@ablestable.com.

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The games below may be used with either Internet Explorer [IE], Firefox [F], Opera [O], or Safari [S], Netscape [N]. The games and activities are presented as Flash [FL], Java Applet [JA], or JavaScript [JS].

Java Applets - Why Some Games, Puzzles, & Activites May Not Work

Some games, puzzles, and activites at AbleStable use the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in browsers which allow visitors to enjoy powerful online experiences. Note that the JRE (available since 1991) is not installed by default with Windows XP and above.
Find out how to freely download and install the JRE.

::: Arcade Games :::

Internet Explorer [IE], Firefox [F], Opera [O], Safari [S], Netscape [N].

Flash Trek [IE, F, O, N7, S] [F] 450kb

Flash Trek: Become a hero and save the federation from certain doom...

Urbanoids [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 600kb - Delivered in small chunks

Urbanoids: Enter a world of parks, gardens, and robotic adventure.

Frog Crossing [IE, F, O, N7, S] [F] 450kb

Frog Crossing: Do your best for frogs worldwide - help a frog today...

Curve Ball [IE, F, O, N7, S] [F] 70kb

Curve Ball: test your hand, eye, and mouse control with this great 3D pong game.

Wild Kite [IE, F, O, N7, S] [F] 640kb

Wild Kite: the hardest kite game for the best of players...

Pendulumeca [IE, F, O, N7, S] [F] 120kb

Pendulumeca: simple game, difficult play, click, fly, float your way to level five...

Juggling [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 70kb

Juggling: throw and catch these balls and real-world juggling will be a breeze...

Cricket [IE, F, O, N7, S] [F] 200kb

Cricket: Survive the nasty, horrible, ever so unpleasant cricket chomping butterflies.

Chizel [IE, F, O, N7, S] [F] 250kb

Chizel: Fast paced arcade action. Surf and survive the tunnel...

3D Tank [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 100kb

3D Tank: Prove yourself a master strategist in this classic arcade game...

Pool [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 80kb

Pool: The table's always free with an opponent ready, waiting, and raring to go.

Moonlander [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 60kb

Moonlander: Pilot your spacecraft quickly and carefully across three levels.

Eskiv [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 20kb

Eskiv: If you've lightning spatial awareness and reactions this one's for you...

Custom Breakout [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 130kb

Custom Breakout: Define your game options in this classic challenge.

AirOups! [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 130kb

AirOups!: Pilot your airplane to safety...

Bouncy The Ball [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 2,254kb [Note: large Flash file]

Bouncy The Ball: Enjoy this simple yet compulsive multi-level masterpiece.

Java Bubbles [IE, F, O, N7 - Not Mac] [JA] 90kb

JavaBubbles: You're going to have to think before you reach level 4...

Amoebas [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 110kb

Amoebas: Think of your ship as your body's defensive force...

Warp [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 124kb

Warp: Only for those with lightening fast reactions and an eye for danger...

Tilt [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 20kb

Tilt: Keep on the narrow path and you'll do well...

Asteroids [JA] 50kb

Asteroids: Resistance is futile in this multilevel asteroids game.

Super Dino [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 260kb

Super Dino: Root out your Flintstones outfit for this great all action adventure game.

Pac Man [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 80kb

Pac Man: Chomp, chomp...

Worms [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 45kb

Snake: Feelin' hungry?

Breakout [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 32kb

Breakout: Ball bouncing, paddle moving, eye popping fun...

Radial Pong [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 14kb

Radial Pong: A great version of a timeless classic.

Pong [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 10kb

Pong: Pick up your paddle and keep the ball at bay.

Space Invaders
[IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 34kb

Space Invaders: They're coming. Stop them, before it's too late...


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