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The World of Bezier Graphics

This page provides access to an expanding range of resources dedicated to exploring the world of Bezier graphics. Bezier curves are used in computer graphics to produce curves which appear smooth at all scales.

Paul de Casteljau, an engineer at Citroen, was the first to develop the Bezier curve, but because of contractual obligations to Citroen, was unable to publish his method. Pierre Bezier who was working for Renault, invented a similar method, and with his company's permission, published his findings first.

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Please note some of the games and activities below require Microsoft Internet Explorer, others are cross-browser compatible and may be used with either Internet Explorer [IE], Netscape [N], Opera [O], or Safari [S]. The games and activities are presented as Flash [FL], Java Applet [JA], or JavaScript [JS].

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Internet Explorer [IE], Netscape [N], Opera [O], Safari [S]

Understanding Bezier Curves [IE, N7, O, S] [JA] 125kb

Understanding Bezier Curves: Play and learn about the principles of controlling Bezier curves with the help of a great applet developed by Brown University Computer Graphics Research Group. Note that this applet requires a window area of 800 X 600 pixels to be fully viewable.

Bezier Playthings [IE, N7, O, S] [F] 125kb

Andre' Michelle has created four bezier playthings in Flash. Each of the following four links will open a small window with an interactive 'model' for you to discover and play with the properties of bezier curves:

Bezier Control Points: Drag the six anchors to change the path of the bezier. A ball travels along the path continuously. Observe how the speed of the circle changes dependant on the path, and how when paths cross, the resulting movement planet orbits as seen from Earth. It's an interesting mental exercises to focus on the ball, and in your minds eye, remove the lines.

Bezier Collide: Grab hold of the inner ball with your mouse pointer. Move the ball too and fro and observe the smoothness and momentum of the movement. Clicking the 'show normals' box shows the influence of the controlling lines. Ponder on how movement on Earth is constrained by gravity.

Bezier Point Collision: A ball drops into a Bezier curve and bounces. You control three points: one to each side, and one below. The ball will bounce and behave dependant on the way you define the curve. This shows the important part bezier curves pay when creating convincing animated paths. The author has also spent a time ensuring the ball approximates an object with certain elastic properties.

Bezier Split: This is a simple demonstration of how defining and selecting parts of a bezier curve can present a 'clipped' curve. Through this the user can see how complex models might be drawn when masking parts of a bezier path.

Andre Michelle's website is at

Flash Bezier [Online Tool and Freeware Download] 294kb

Flash Bezier is a great way to learn about the principles of Bezier curves by using a live online Flash tool that downloads in less than five seconds. If you want to experiment in your own time offline, download the program below.

Download Flash Bezier [AbleStable Bezier.exe] 784kb

Bezier Creator [Freeware Download] 294kb

The Bezier Creator developed by Maarten Kronberger is a simple and effective freeware program to create and generate Bezier curves in a 3D environment. You'll need to be running Windows 98/NT/2K/ or XP with a 3D card and OpenGL support.

View More Details about the Bezier Creator, including screenshots and a detailed description.

Download Bezier Creator [ 294kb]


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 All Material: AbleStable © 2002-2007
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