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Welcome to the Creative Activities Play Area at AbleStable. We hope you like what's on offer. If you've any comments, good or bad, we'd like to hear them: email feedback@ablestable.com.

Java Applets - Why Some Games, Puzzles, & Activites May Not Work

Some games, puzzles, and activites at AbleStable use the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in browsers which allow visitors to enjoy powerful online experiences. Note that the JRE (available since 1991) is not installed by default with Windows XP and above.
Find out how to freely download and install the JRE. 

Play at AbleStable Games, Activities, & Tools

[browser compatibility - file type]

Please note some of the games and activities below require Microsoft Internet Explorer, others are cross-browser compatible. The games and activities are presented as Flash [FL], Java Applet [JA], or JavaScript [JS].

::: Creative Activities :::

Internet Explorer [IE], Firefox [F], Opera [O], Safari [S].

Line Rider

Line Rider: create the world's greatest ride with a single line... View An Example of the kind of great rides you can make [Internet Explorer only]. Read the column that was inspired by this webtoy: Want To Take A Ride?

The World of Bezier Graphics

The World of Bezier Graphics is a special area at AbleStable dedicated to the exploration and understanding of Bezier Graphics. You'll find great online tutorials, freeware, and more...

Fractal Creator [IE, F, O] [JA] 150kb

Fractal Creator: create and enjoy a world of fascinating fractals...

Tree Fractal [IE, F, O] [JA] 120kb

Tree Fractal: play with a 3D tree fractal with movements of your mouse...

Skeleton [IE, F, O] [FL] 110kb

Skeleton: become a tin-pot god, assume complete control...

QGoo [IE, F, O] [JA] 60kb

QGoo: distort images with the movement of your mouse...

Panda Golf [IE, F, O] [FL] 80kb

Panda Golf: create your own level for this great platform game.

Digital Greenhouse [IE, F, O] [FL] 50kb

Digital Greenhouse: create and grow your plants with digital fingers...

Sketch N Etch [IE, F, O] [FL] 30kb

Sketch N Etch: create a satisfying image with an everlasting line...

Comma Creative [IE, F, O] [FL] 30kb

Comma Creative: Show how creative you can be with a limited palette...

Orbital Networks [IE, F, O] [FL] 30kb

Orbiting Networks: Build your own solar system...

Atomic Kaleidoscope [IE, F, O] [FL] 30kb

Atomic Kaleidoscope: animation at the swish of a mouse...

Rainbox [IE, F, O] [JA] 115kb

Rainbox: mesmeric online painting - rich features, and highly configurable.

Iterative [IE, F, O, S] [FL] 20kb

Iterative: create a world of nodal movement...

Imagination [IE, F, O, S] [F] 15kb

Imagination: a little action goes a long way...

Explosive Animation [IE, F, O] [JA] 25kb

Explosive Animation: define your dance of light...

Virtual Drums [IE, F, O, S] [F] 240kb

Virtual Drums: Got rhythm? Get goin'...

Mondrian [IE, F, O] [JA] 25kb

Mondrian: how creative can a single click be?

Fast Art [IE, F, O, S] [JS] 20kb

Fast Art: judging when a work is complete is among the most difficult of tasks...

Brix [IE, F, O] [JA] 25kb

Brix: create your own 3D brick model online with thirty seven different types of blocks.

Sketch Pad [IE, F, O, S] [F] 25kb

Sketch Pad is a complete drawing application featuring: freehand drawing; line drawing; curves; rectangles; elipses; polygons; undo and clear.

Multi-Draw [IE, F, O, S] [F] 20kb

Multi-Draw is a great tool for creating, modifying, and animating many sided shapes.

The Game of Life [IE, F, O] [JA] 55kb

The Game of Life: watch as your creation evolves across the generations...

Line Sculpture [IE, F, O, S] [JA] 30kb

Line Sculpture: Create a dynamic sculpture with a few movements of your mouse...

HTML Text Area Editor [IE] [JS] 160kb

Easily format text and ready it for the web with our HTML Text Area Editor, then view the HTML source code you produce. Our integrated Guide features an introduction into the world of creating web pages with HTML (requires Internet Explorer 5.5+).

Splash Paint [IE, F, O, S] [F] 130kb

Splash Paint: A great Flash painting program with a surprising array of options and commands.

Kaleidoscope [IE, F, O, S] [F] 30kb

Kaleidoscope: Go psychedelic and cruise a world of colour...

eFloys [IE, F, O, S] [JA] 15kb

eFloys: Be omnipotent with these social, territorial, and evolving artificial life creatures.

Quick Draw [IE, F, O, S] [F] 15kb

Quick Draw: A simple online drawing tool for doodling and sharing an idea.

Color Pad
[IE, F, O, S] [JA] 250kb (image heavy)

Color Pad: A colouring pad and guide, perfect for experimentation and descovery...

Scribbler [IE, F, O, S] [F] 40kb

Scribbler: watch carefully and you'll glimpse the inner workings of your mind...

Elastic Line [IE, F, O, S] [F] 15kb

Elastic Line: Have fun and get inspired with this live-wire of a line...


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