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Welcome to the Logic and Puzzle Play Area at AbleStable®. We hope you like what's on offer. If you've any comments, good or bad, we'd like to hear them: email feedback@ablestable.com.

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The games and puzzles below may be used with either
Internet Explorer [IE], Firefox [F], Opera [O], or Safari [S], Netscape [N]. The games and activities are presented as Flash [FL], Java Applet [JA], or JavaScript [JS].

Java Applets - Why Some Games, Puzzles, & Activites May Not Work

Some games, puzzles, and activites at AbleStable use the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in browsers which allow visitors to enjoy powerful online experiences. Note that the JRE (available since 1991) is not installed by default with Windows XP and above.
Find out how to freely download and install the JRE. 

::: Logic and Puzzle Games :::

Internet Explorer [IE], Firefox [F], Opera [O], Safari [S], Netscape [N].

Chess [IE - Not Mac, F, O, N7] [JA] 52kb

Chess: Never played? Give it a try... There's even a guide to get you going...

Gateway [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 500kb

Gateway1 | Gateway2: journey through an often quizzical landscape

Bridges [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 150kb

Bridges: One simple objective that requires great clarity of thought to solve.

Gravity Launch [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 110kb

Gravity Launch: Launch, then touch down safely on the orbiting space stations.

Znax [IE, F, O, N7, S] [F] 150kb

Znax: Warm your mind up by playing this satisfying pattern recognition challenge.

Reverse Play [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 50kb

Reverse Play: It's simple to win, but not so simple to win

All Out [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 20kb

All Out: Stretch your mental muscles, T
ry hard not to cheat ;)

Stained Glass [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 20kb

Stained Glass: Match panels and reach a higher place in this multi-level challenge.

3D Tic Tak Toe [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 50kb

3D Tic Tak Toe: Thinking in three dimensions sounds far simpler than it is...

Mumu [IE, F, O, N7, S] [F] 150kb

Mumu: Click, turn, and drop. Think ahead and score high.

Quix [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 120kb

Quix: Only for those with supreme mental
discipline and concentration...

Rubik Cube [IE, F, O, N7, S] [F] 60kb

Rubic Cube: A high quality online version of a classic logic puzzle.

Webmaster Crossword [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 40kb

Webmaster Crossword: find the words, beat the clock...

MazeRace [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 124kb

MazeRace: Get to where you need to be before your opponant does...

Cluster [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 120kb

Cluster: tic-tac-toe with a twist...

Laser Tetris [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 55kb

Laser Tetris: Pass level 3 and you'll know you're on form...

Hanoi [IE, F, O, N7, - Not Mac] [JA] 32kb

Hanoi: Move the pegs from one place, to another. Sounds simple right?

Connect 4
[IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 15kb

Connect 4: Connect four disks in a row and win your self respect...

Tangram [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 102kb

Tangram: See things others can't...

Webmaster Wordsearch [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 40kb

Webmaster Wordsearch: find the words, beat the clock...

Remember This [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JS] 20kb

Remember This: Prove to yourself you're still all there...

Hexxagon [IE, F, O, N7, S] [FL] 52kb

Hexxagon: Score your strategy ability.

Sliders [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 75kb

Sliders: Unscramble that!

Iceblox [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 30kb

Iceblox: Face the day with pride and save a penguin.

Tic Tac Toe [IE - Not Mac, F, O, N7] [JS] 13kb

Tic Tac Toe: The classic game on steroids.

Rubik [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 20kb

Rubik: At least there's an easy way of starting over...

[IE, F, O, N7 - Not Mac] [JA] 40kb

Triplets: Be the first player to make three in a row.

[IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 40kb

Battleships: start with a simple challenge then define your own.

IQ [IE, F, O, N7, S] [JA] 110kb

IQ: Jump start the gray matter upstairs...


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