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Welcome to the Play Area at AbleStable®. From here you'll find some great games and creative tools that function across platforms (PC and Mac). To use these you'll require a browser like Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Opera that come preconfigured to allow Flash, JavaScript, and Java Applets.

Comment Upon or Suggest New Activities

If you have any comments or suggestions for new activities you'd like to see in our Play Area go to Feedback and complete the appropriate form. We'd love to hear from you

Play at AbleStable Games, Puzzles, & Activities

[browser compatibility - file type]

Please note some of the games and activities below require Microsoft Internet Explorer, others are cross-browser compatible and may be used with either Internet Explorer [IE], Netscape [N], or Opera [O]. The games and activities are presented as Flash [FL], Java Applet [JA], or JavaScript [JS].

::: Training Ground :::

Wake Up! [IE, N7, O] [JS] 8kb

Wake Up!: So you think you're fast eh?

[IE, N7, O] [JA] 110kb

IQ: Jump start the gray matter upstairs...

::: Top Arcade Games :::

Internet Explorer [IE], Netscape [N], Opera [O], Safari [S]

Urbanoids [IE, N7, O, S] [JA] 600kb - Delivered in small chunks

Urbanoids: Enter a world of parks, gardens, and robotic adventure...

Frog Crossing [IE, F, O, N7, S] [F] 450kb

Frog Crossing: Do your best for frogs worldwide - help a frog today...

Eskiv [IE, N7, O, S] [FL] 20kb

Eskiv: If you've lightning spatial awareness and reactions this one's for you...

More Arcade Games

::: Top Logic and Puzzle Games :::

Internet Explorer [IE], Netscape [N], Opera [O], Safari [S]

Chess [IE - Not Mac, N7, O] [JA] 52kb

Chess: Never played? Give it a try... There's even a guide to get you going...

Remember This [IE, N7, O] [JS] 20kb

Remember This: Check those memory cells still fire as well as they used to.

Think! [IE, N7, O, S] [JA] 25kb

Think: Will you fail and close the game window before the task's complete?

More Logic Games and Puzzles

::: Top Creative Activities :::

Internet Explorer [IE], Netscape [N], Opera [O], Safari [S]

Elastic Line [IE, N7, O, S] [F] 15kb

Elastic Line: Have fun and get inspired with this live-wire of a line...

HTML Text Area Editor [IE - Not Mac] [JS] 160kb

Easily format text and ready it for the web with our HTML Text Area Editor, then view the HTML source code you produce. Our integrated Guide features an introduction into the world of creating web pages with HTML (requires Internet Explorer 5.5+).

Splash Paint
[IE, N7, O, S] [F] 130kb

Splash Paint: A great Flash painting program with a surprising array of options and commands.

More Creative Activities


Although everything available in our Play Area is free to use, copyright resides with the originators of all contents accessed at AbleStable® (including source and script code). Any unauthorised copying or publication of our site contents for profitable use is strictly prohibited.

All Material: AbleStable © 2002-2010


 All Material: AbleStable © 2002-2010