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Product Awards: Software Verification

Product Centre > Product Awards > AbleStable® Creative Software Awards

Award Verification

The AbleStable® 5 Star Product Award is given to products that represent an outstanding resource for creative people. All products featured in the Product Awards Area are recipients of this Award.

The award is given to software that has been reviewed under our developer service.
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  Product Name Author/Developer/Publisher
Software Kalender (Freeware)
Ulrich Krebs

May 05

Software All That Chords! (Freeware)
Olivier Gortals

May 05

Software Pivot (Freeware)
Peter Bone

Feb 05

Software Concert (Freeware)
Josh Madison

Feb 05

Software WebLog Expert Lite (Freeware)
Alentum Software Ltd

Dec 04

Software Pimmy Email (Freeware)

Nov 04

Software TrayBar (Freeware)
Yoran Bosman

Sept 04

Software JFDraw (Freeware)
Cookie Maker

Aug 04

Software The Font Thing (Freeware)
S C E Fisher

April 04

Software Absolute Log Analyzer Pro [usereview 5 star] BitStrike Software

Feb 04

Software SyncBack v3 (Freeware) 2BrightSparks

Jan 04

Software Zoom+ (Freeware)
June 03
Software Currency Converter 2 (Freeware) Alexander Belgraver
June 03
Answer Tool DTLink Software
May 03
MemberTies Myro International
May 03
Software Norton Systemworks & Firewall 2003 Symantec
May 03
Software CSE HTML Validator AI Internet Solutions
May 03
Fluid Dynamics Search Engine Fluid Dynamics Corporation
May 03
Top Style Pro 3.10 Bradsoft
May 03
Studio MX Macromedia
May 03
Software Norton Internet Security 2003 Symantec
May 03
Software StuffIt Aladdin Systems, Inc. 
May 03
Software Domain Name Status Reporter (Freeware) Softnik Technologies 
May 03
Software Color Cop (Freeware) Jay Prall
May 03
Software MW Snap (Freeware) Mirek Wojtowicz
April 03

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