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Detailed Description and Review

TASHEN'S 1000 Favorite Websites 5 out of 5 stars

Publisher: TASCHEN
Editor: Julius Wiedemann

book cover AbleStable 5 Star Award If you want to get inspired about web design, or need a great source book of sites that will stimulate and challenge. If you love visual form, layout, and cutting edge Flash, you'd be hard pushed to find a better book than this...

Detailed Description

From the Publisher

TASCHEN's 1000 Favorite Websites

Edited by: Wiedemann, Julius
Flexicover + DVD, 196 x 249 mm, 608 pages

1000 Favorite Websites brings together—you guessed it—1000 of today’s very best websites. Each website is presented via screenshots annotated with icons indicating the features of the site (e.g. animation, sound, downloadable material, etc.) Serving as a vital reference for web enthusiasts, this book is also a place marker in the history of the internet and a vibrant catalog of cutting-edge global web design.

Included in the book is a DVD (region 0, PC/Mac compatible) containing six mini-documentaries, each focusing on interviews with a creative web professional. The subjects covered include how to: use the net to maximize production; find technical support; help clients; provide better service; exchange ideas; stay updated on the latest news; and put creativity to work. Examples of content are included in a step-by-step video with audio commentary, giving you “live” instant access to a selection of the best websites without the need for a computer or internet connection.

The Editor
Julius Wiedemann was born and raised in Brazil. After studying graphic design and marketing, he left the country to live in Japan for almost 4 years, where he worked in Tokyo as art editor for digital and design magazines. He subsequently joined TASCHEN as the editor in charge of digital titles and is currently based at the company’s headquarters in Cologne. In 2001 he edited the book Digital Beauties and since then has been building up TASCHEN’s newest digital collection.


5 out of 5 stars


There are a host of books out there that purport to offer a showcase of great websites within the confines of their covers, but the vast majority disappoint as they struggle to maintain momentum and focus. Julius Wiedemann, the Editor of 'TASCHEN's 1000 Favorite Websites', has succeeded where so many others have failed, and has created a book that is at every turn an inspiration.


'TASCHEN's 1000 Favorite Websites' begins with a single page introduction from the Editor that is translated into ten languages. One of the most attractive features of many Tashen books is the publisher's effort in making a single volume accessible to a wide readership. This creates a feeling that you're part of a broader community rather than a lone individual sitting under an upright lamp thumbing through in splendid isolation.

The Introduction sees the Editor setting the context and attitude of the book with a broad brush that touches on the technologies and direction of the Internet's development. The conclusion that he reaches is that the Internet is no longer definable, but rather a context that touches on our daily lives, and in which anyone 'can, and should do something'. That last comment seems indicative of an attitude that views the Internet as an opportunity, a challenge, a place where creativity and exploration is encouraged.

The content, consisting of over 580 pages of high quality screenshots of sites, is divided into nine categories:

Fashion and Beauty
Movies and Animation
Cool and More

The book is published with an accompanying DVD which features six interviews with web professionals on a variety of Internet related subjects delivered in their native language. Although t
he DVD presentation does not match the exceptional quality of the book, it remains a valuable resource that delivers many thought provoking issues and some well chosen example clips of websites featured in the book that can be viewed straight off the disk and without an Internet connection.

Quality Content

The casual browser of 'TASCHEN's 1000 Favorite Websites' may not notice the category headings close to the top of the spine of every page. This may be intentional as the book works equally well as a pleasurable browse through the myriad of site styles, layouts, and designs, as it does as a visual source book for creatives. The fact that many of the websites feature Flash animation does not diminish the scope or relevance of the book that, despite the limitation of static two dimensional pages, continues to communicate the vibrancy of Internet web design at every turn.

The nine sections of the book are separated by single giant pixel-like iconographic pages that signify the different categories, and the great choice and placement of screenshots is a testament to the curatorial skills of the Editor. The sites featured reflect the diversity of the Internet's creative community, and although there is an inevitable emphasis on design, simplicity, and visual impact over content or message, the sheer volume and impact of the images is a constant source of stimulus and enjoyment.

Readers will also find a complete alphabetical listing of all the websites featured in the book in the index. I assume the project budget was clipped to producing a DVD resource whose purpose was limited to show movement and personality rather than to provide a more ambitious and full-featured complimentary digital publication. Perhaps in future editions of 'TASCHEN's 1000 Favorite Websites' this area might receive additional development so that the DVD better exploits the potential of the combined book/digital publication.


I've gushed a great deal about this book but it's not often I'm that I'm so impressed or driven to return to a work like this. If you want to get inspired about web design, or need a great source book of sites that will stimulate and challenge. If you love visual form, layout, and cutting edge Flash, you'd be hard pushed to find a better book than 'TASCHEN's 1000 Favorite Websites'. I've found the book a pleasure from beginning to end...

Mike de Sousa, Director, AbleStable

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