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Reference books for Creative People

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Detailed Description and Review

Homepage Usability: 55 Websites Deconstructed starstarstarstarstar

Jakob Nielsen, Marie Tahir

book cover AbleStable 5 Star Award In a world of information overload and dying dot.coms, your homepage must grab the attention of visitors, tell them where they are, and let them know where they can go. Does your site pass the test? Homepage Usability is all about making that first impression.

Detailed Description

Book Description

The book begins with a briefing on Jakobs Web usability principles, themselves culled from years of research. The fifty sites fall under five categories of ten each: media sites; entertainment sites; technology sites; business sites; and etc. The content is simply presented: fifty, two-page spreads, each dedicated to a specific Web sites homepage. Only the homepage of each site is analysed. On the left-hand page is a large image of the homepage accompanied by a brief summary of the sites context. On the right-hand page are arrows pointing to each component of the home page with Jakobs comments. There will also be a summarising few paragraphs where Jakob explains his analysis and offers suggestions for improving the design for usability


Quick! You have 10 seconds to show your face to the world! What does your homepage say? Is your tag line effective? Can visitors find your search box? How difficult is the page to navigate? What percentage of your homepage is devoted to actual content? By putting 50 of today's top sites to the test, web usability experts Jakob Nielsen and Marie Tahir show you what makes for good and not so good first impressions. This book contains hundreds of examples that you can employ on your own homepage. Apply the best. Avoid the worst.

About the Author

Jakob Nielsen is known as the father of web usability. His interviews frequently appear in media from academic journals to Wall Street Journal and USA Today, as well as television appearances. He is a principal of the Nielsen/ Norman Group, which specialises in consulting and research on usability and design issues. Other books published by this author- 1. Designing Web Usability (New Riders, 12/99) 2. Usability Engineering (Morgan Kaufman, 1993).

Description by Amazon

AbleStable® Review

Homepage Usability is a truly wonderful book. Not only is it a great resource for anyone wanting to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of homepage web design, it is also an example of simplicity and effective design in itself.

The reader is well advised to draw their own conclusions from the example homepages that are dissected by Jakob Nielsen and Marie Tahir. Nielsen may at times appear dogmatic about the observations he makes of web sites, however, his ideas always stimulate self criticism, and this is were his work is most valuable. By championing the cause of usability, Nielsen challenges the web designer to re-evaluate and improve their solutions. Of all Nielsen's books this is by far his most generally accessible and approachable work thus far.

Review by AbleStable®

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