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Review Area Guide

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Information about AbleStable's Review Area

Welcome to the Review Area Guide at AbleStable. Here you'll find out about how we choose products to feature on our site, how to uncover information about products, and who we direct our users to should they wish to buy our featured products.
Looking for an answer? How we select products
Review Area Overview Product details and reviews

Looking for an answer?

If you have any questions you'd like answered that are not covered here or on our Payment FAQ page, please go to Products Feedback and complete the form with any comments, questions, or observations you may have about the Product Area. We are always looking to improve our services and greatly value our users' opinions.

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Product Area Overview

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AbleStable's Review Area aims to provide added value to our site. As we studied our logs it was plain many of our users were interested in finding information about products with the purpose of supporting their creative activity.

We therefore developed our Review Area where creative people can access detailed information and independent reviews about high quality products, and if they wish, a simple direct route to purchasing the product of their choice.

The Review Area at AbleStable is focussed on presenting only high quality products that are of particular use to creative people. We set an upper limit of 20 products that may appear in any single category. For instance, in the Business Books category a maximum of twenty books will be featured at any one time. We have set this limit to ensure we maintain the quality of products on offer, and that we keep track of any new editions and upgrades for the products we feature.

Product Feedback

If you know of a new edition or upgrade to a product we feature that you would like us to list please go to Products Feedback and complete the form.


All content at AbleStable's Payment Area is under copyright to the authors of the respective works, and may not be reproduced without the explicit written
authority of the respective authors.

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How we select products

Our aim in the Review Area is to provide creative people with information about the very best creative products. We operate a strict selection criteria for products that are featured at AbleStable, and we are responsive to any unfavourable feedback of products we receive. If we receive consistently poor feedback for a product we will withdraw that product from the Review Area.

You may Suggest a Product for inclusion in our Review Area. All products at AbleStable must:

be of particular use for creative people

be robust and reliable

provide good support

receive consistently high ratings from their users and the media

provide information about the product that is easily accessible on the Internet

AbleStable reserves the right to withdraw products at their sole discretion and operates a fully independent star rating system based on:

AbleStable's own independent assessment

user feedback and ratings (users may rate products at Products Feedback)

press and media reviews and ratings (including Internet articles and reviews)

AbleStable's 5 Star Awards are given to products that we have found provide outstanding features, are robust and reliable, and that offer good off-line and on-line support.

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Product details and reviews

AbleStable is a wholly independent company and has sole control over all its content. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and the high reputation we enjoy for supporting creative people.

All material presented at AbleStable
(including detailed descriptions and reviews of products) is under strict copyright. Copyright resides with the originators of all works accessed at AbleStable, and unauthorised copying or publication of our site contents for profitable use is strictly prohibited.

AbleStable © 2002-2007

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