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Detailed Description and Review

Art Review 4 out of 5 stars

Art Review Inc.

Art Review magazine cover Art Review is for those who enjoy Western contemporary art. Its pages are full with reviews and comment about new gallery shows, artists, and the politics of art...

Detailed Description

From the Publishers

ArtReview does just what our title says; we review the most challenging art of our time, wherever in the world it is being made. There’s new work from artists who are already famous, and work from artists you will hear of for the first time in the magazine. But there’s far more; you meet the artists in their studios and hear what they have to say about their work and its inspirations. We take you to see fascinating collections and talk to the collectors about their choices, their finds and their fun. Add hot news from the art world, shrewd coverage of the art market, our famous art gossip page WetPaint, big features on big art topics, and here you have it. All you need to know about art and artists in your time. In ArtReview.

Description by Amazon

AbleStable® Review
4 out of 5 stars

Art Review is for those who enjoy Western contemporary art. Its pages are full with reviews and comment about new gallery shows, artists, and the politics of art. The Art Review places equal importance on the quality of its written articles as the images it presents, and provides valuable detail and context to the artworks it features.

In common with most creative magazines the Art Review is supplemented with around 35% advertising content, and is produced on premium quality paper. Its intended market includes art professionals, collectors of art, artists, and the intellectual elite, mainly in the UK and USA.

Although there is much to praise in the Art Review as a barometer of European and North American art trends and criticism, its shortfall is in its scope. Art here refers to predominantly Western Art, and that centred around the two cities of London and New York, with the occasional reference to European culture.

A flick through the Art Review's pages will confirm this publication is born of an urban sensibility that so often presumes importance and cultural status over rural or popular art. That said, the value of the Art Review above all else is to document a certain world picture, and to provide a context for insiders and outsiders alike to observe, learn, and draw their own conclusions about the art world of the West.

Review by AbleStable, Winter 2003

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