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Detailed Description and Review

Computer Arts 4 out of 5 stars

Future Publishing

Computer Arts magazine cover Computer Arts is the only technology magazine published in the UK (available world-wide) dedicated solely to visual art. It reports on, encourages, nurtures, and facilitates creativity using the latest technology.

Computer Arts online (opens new browser window)

Detailed Description

From the Publisher

Computer Arts helps you to create stunning artwork, photos, animations and 3D models. From professionals to students, everyone who has an interest in computer-generated graphics, digital publishing, animation or multimedia reads Computer Arts.

Join over thirty five thousand creative people who have an interest in computer-generated graphics, digital publishing, animation or multimedia, who read Computer Arts on a monthly basis.

Computer Arts offers practical guidance on the software, hardware and techniques you need in your creative work, covers both the PC and Mac computer platforms, and supplies a wealth of inspirational ideas through its interactive cover CD that showcases the best work from new designers.

Future Publishing

AbleStable® Review
5 out of 5 stars

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Computer Arts presents a consistently high standard of reviews, articles and features for the creative professional. This magazine is targeted towards the practising print, web, and multimedia designer: author, student, and hobbyist.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert there's plenty of quality content to get your teeth into here. The newest graphics software applications are put through their paces with in depth reviews and ratings. Software reviews are often accompanied by high quality, generously illustrated tutorials. Every issue carries interviews with creative professionals and industry specialists, general products useful to the creative professional are reviewed, and designers and authors work is showcased both in print and through the accompanying CD ROM. There's no doubt Computer Arts has its finger on the creative pulse of the graphics world.

Computer Arts was one of the first magazines to present an accompanying cover CD ROM and Future Publishing's ability to acquire discounts and free versions of the best in graphics software is a major reason for the magazines continuing success. If you are a regular reader you'll enjoy additional resources that appear on the CD ROM like free fonts, high resolution copyright free images, and more.

As you would expect of any creative magazine, presentation and artwork is of a very high standard and the writing is clear and accessible for all levels of experience. For those working or interested in graphic design, multimedia, or digital publishing Creative Arts is a great read and receives our 5 star award.

Check out Digital Creative Arts as an alternative.

Review by AbleStable, Summer 2003

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