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Detailed Description and Review

Crafts 5 out of 5 stars

Crafts Council UK

Crafts magazine cover AbleStable 5 Star Award The Crafts Council has produced a high quality monthly publication that presents a balanced and broad view of the world of contemporary crafts and applied arts.

Detailed Description

From the Publisher

The Crafts Council is the UK’s national organisation for the promotion of contemporary crafts. Established in 1971, the Crafts Council are an independent body funded by the Arts Council of England, responsible for promoting fine craftsmanship, encouraging high standards and increasing public awareness of contemporary crafts and applied arts.

Crafts is the only British magazine to cover all craft forms, from studio work to public commissions, from modern experimental work to traditional and historic designs. It is committed to excellent quality in both the work it covers and the coverage itself.
Published on alternate months, Crafts is lavishly illustrated to a standard it is just not possible to show over the Net. The current issue contents list give some idea of the breadth of coverage, but you need to try the no-risk subscription offer to have a proper look at the magazine.

The Crafts Council, UK

AbleStable® Review
5 out of 5 stars

The Craft Council's magazine is a celebration of the world of crafts and applied arts. You'll find well written articles about current trends, features on practising artists and craftspeople, and thought provoking comment and analysis.

One of the qualities we like a lot about Crafts magazine is the broad coverage it gives to world craft. Many art magazines seriously limit their
scope by restricting their content focuses to Western art forms. Crafts has a far more enlightened, and ultimately more enriching remit that presents work from across the globe.

In common with most high quality culture magazines, Crafts is produced on premium quality paper and presented in a beautifully designed and clear format. For those that wish to keep informed about the world of ceramics, applied arts, and crafts in general, you'll be hard pushed to find a better publication. Crafts magazine receives our 5 star award for consistent quality and valuable content.

Review by Mike de Sousa, Director, AbleStable, Spring 2003

Find out more about, and subscribe to Crafts magazine at:

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