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Detailed Description and Review

Creative Review 3 out of 5 stars

Centaur Communications Ltd

Creative Review magazine cover The Creative Review has established a loyal and large readership of creative people, especially within the commercial art and design markets. Its emphasis is on the visual presentation of design and artworks.

Detailed Description

From the Publisher

Creative Review covers the communication arts worldwide. Every month we publish a full-colour magazine with exclusive news, features and reviews, illustrated by more than 100 images. Our focus is on excellence and innovation in design, advertising, new media, photography, typography, illustration - everything and anything that is a part of creativity in communications. We show the leading work and profile the makers, reveal the trends and see beyond the hype, talk to the clients and others involved in shaping the best in modern communications.

Our readers define the world of creativity - graphic designers, advertising agency creatives, new media designers, clients, photographers, directors, television producers and more.

All subscribers receive a DVD every six month. This includes influential new commercials, television craft, multimedia, internet, animations, short films, radio advertising, photography and other material from around the world.

Creative Review is produced by a dedicated team of full-time writers. The editor is Patrick Burgoyne (joint author of the highly praised Bored, a survey of board graphics); and the CD-Rom editor is Liz Faber, writer of the hottest web design book Browser and the forthcoming Re:play, a history of computer games. Our contributors and advisers number many of the leading lights in design, advertising, new media and elsewhere (worldwide).

Description by Amazon

AbleStable® Review
3 out of 5 stars

The Creative Review is beautifully presented on high quality paper and a feast to the eyes. This magazine is well placed in the welcome area of a graphic design studio or an exclusive art gallery, but like its counterpart the Art Review, it restricts its scope to Western art trends and as a result seriously limits the overall effectiveness of its claim to being a generic creative review.

The Creative Review is London based and its writers urbane, whose context is more often than not the commercial art and high-end design markets. Reading the magazine you get the distinct impression you are either in 'the club', or not a part of it. Perhaps its high monthly sales figure of 20,000 copies (large sales for a creative magazine market), is a testament to the many who aspire to be included or associated with the Western contemporary art scene.

Unlike the Art Review, the Creative Review is image heavy, with photos of artworks and personalities making up around 70% of its total content. This then is essentially a style magazine for the cultural elite. If you want to adorn your shelves with beautiful images and an exquisitely designed publication, then the Creative Review will serve your purpose, but don't expect detailed analyses or critical reviews of contemporary art or culture.

Review by AbleStable, Autumn 2003

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