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Detailed Description and Review

Answer Tool 5 out of 5 stars

Windows Software DTLink Software

software logo AbleStable 5 Star Award [pc only] Easily create answer files for each of your products and switch between them instantly. Use the answers yourself, or share them among your entire team.

DTLink Software at AbleStable® (Partner profile page)

DTLink Software online
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System Requirements


Pentium 133Mhz and 32MB RAM
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, or XP
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later

Detailed Description

AnswerTool provides each team member or individual immediate access to a common knowledge base to provide clear, consistent, and complete answers that increase customer satisfaction and reduce follow-ups.

AnswerTool easily blends in with an existing workflow, can be called up when needed, then dismissed when not.


Use AnswerTool's built-in organiser and editor to create and edit questions and answers, then enhance your text with fonts and colours. Arrange questions into topics for easy access, quickly search for any text using the built-in Search tab, then easily paste the answers where you need them.

Topics and questions are organised in parent-child relationships. Questions are contained within topics, and topics can also be contained within other topics to create a hierarchy. This allows you great flexibility to organise your questions exactly the way you want.

The screen shot to the left shows AnswerTool in action with Outlook Express in the background.

An invaluable feature for an organisation managing hundreds of support requests is the built-in Search facility that enables the user to quickly find questions anywhere in the AnswerTool document. To round things off, formatted HTML text and graphics can also be displayed from within AnswerTool.

DTLink Software and AbleStable®

AbleStable® Review
5 out of 5 stars
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AnswerTool has one simple aim in mind: to make answering many emails a much faster and more productive process, and in this it succeeds brilliantly. Answer tool is one of those rare software products that you open for the first time and can use immediately. That's a testimony to the simplicity and power of this great, highly focussed product. There are few hidden features to get to grips with, although there are 'hot keys' to make your life easier.

We first came across AnswerTool as a give-away on a magazine CD ROM. Looking back, we didn't immediately take up the opportunity of using this software. We had wrongly presumed any application whose set-up file took up less than a megabyte couldn't be that powerful, and to be honest, we doubted the claims that this was a major labour saving application. How wrong we were.

AnswerTool not only significantly reduces the time taken to reply to support requests, but also ensures more accurate and targeted support responses. Support staff choose their predetermined answers and combine these with personalised replies that address issues far faster, and often more accurately, than replying to multiple email support requests individually. That's not to say that AnswerTool makes support email responses a fully automated process. Support staff will still need to select the appropriate predefined responses from a list, and should offer a customised response to every request. The whole process however is far more efficient, well managed affair.

The answers you cut from your AnswerTool files can be either pasted and presented in HTML format, or easily and automatically stripped of all HTML content and pasted as plain text (plain text is a safer option if you're sending to a broad user base as some companies restrict incoming email in HTML format).

AbleStable® has no reservation in recommending this software to anyone who replies to multiple emails over the course of a day. AnswerTool receives a well deserved five star AbleStable product award for its ease of use and elegant functionality.

Review by AbleStable®

PC icon Windows only software

AnswerTool Trial

To try out AnswerTool before you buy, download a trial version at:

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