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Detailed Description and Review

EROL Business Edition 3.0 3 out of 5 stars

Windows Software Dreamteam Products

software box cover [pc] Build a single shopping cart with unlimited products that can be hosted on any commercial web space. With integrated store search, live currency, live stock updating and location specific shipping provide Net Shoppers with an easy to use yet flexible e-commerce experience.


System Requirements


Recommended System Requirements
Pentium II or III 400Mhz PC
Windows® 95/98/2000/ME/NT4/XP
Internet access
128MB of RAM
Disk space: Minimum Installation 80 MB; Full Installation 140 MB

Host Requirements
There are two main types of Operating Systems for Web Servers in common use, these are: Sun/Unix/Linux based; Windows NT/Windows 2000 based

EROL can be published to any standard commercial web space. If your store requires search and/or live currency you will need to ensure that the web space has PERL 5 installed.

Browser Compatibility

Once you have built your online store and published it to the web you want to ensure that as many browser combinations as possible can access it. The following list of browsers have all been fully tested by the EROL Development Team.

Netscape 4.x and above (inc. NS6.2 but not NS6.0/NS6.1)
IE 4.x and above
Mozilla 1 and above

Netscape 4.7 and above
IE 4.5 and above

Detailed Description

Manufacturer's Description

EROL 3.0 combines exceptional design control with all the features needed to build, maintain and manage a successful, secure multi-level online store.

EROL shopping cart software has no limitations on store layout and does not require knowledge of complex coding. Once your store is live, EROL will take care of day-to-day store management tasks such as processing orders, printing invoices, sorting and filtering orders & accessing customer details. Browse the feature list for more details.

Unrivalled Pixel-Perfect Design Control: EROL allows for your store pages to have a look and feel of their own - by not imposing (but still enabling) a store-wide template approach, as it is the case in other e-commerce packages.

Macromedia Dreamweaver Integration: EROL's Export to Dreamweaver makes the task of customising your Item Templates a lot easier. Export the selected Template, move the EROL Placeholders around the page with a single click and drag… an image here, a font tag there.

Unlimited Products: The EROL Build Manager uses a Tree View structure, similar to MS Windows Explorer, providing a visual structure that allows quick and effective access to pages and items within your store. This approach means that stores containing large numbers of products can be maintained with great ease.

Live Currency Rate: Plugging your store into EROL's free live currency rate feed will provide your visitors with the option to shop in their own currency at an up-to-the-minute rate of exchange. You can also set fixed rates for any currency if you wish.

EU & International Tax Options: As an online vendor it is important to operate within the current tax laws. EROL's powerful tax options accommodate a number of national and international tax variations, including USA tax, VAT, discounted tax groups, tax-free products and tax exemption.

E-mail Individual/Multiple Customers: This feature allows you to: Send emails to customers notifying them of their order status; Send bulk mail outs for sales promotions to targeted customers, or let them know of their special status with a personalised message.

Automatic Secure Online Order Retrieval: Set EROL to work while you are away from your desk. Turn on the Automatic Order Retrieval and EROL will download your orders directly into the Order Manager. Set EROL to check for new orders every 5 minutes.

Create Customer Profiles and assign personalised discounts/privileges:
Customers can be grouped together and various privileges can be given on login to the store, e.g: free delivery, discounts and access to restricted areas.

Print reports and charts based on sales & customer info: Stay informed about the performance of your sales with reports based on best selling products and customer buying habits.

Print invoices, delivery notes, address labels and pick lists: Print documents as required - manually, or turn on EROL's Auto Tasking to enable print and email jobs to be assigned at every stage of the order process.

Virtual Live Stock control: Maintain 'Virtual Live Stock' on your shopping cart by automating the download of orders and activating the 'Auto Tasks'.

Secure Orders via EROL / SSL: Download orders directly into the Order Manager from EROL / SSL.

7 Supported Payment Service Providers: EROL e-commerce software supports the following payment service providers: Barclaycard, Datacash, Protx, Netbanx, Securetrading, Secpay and Worldpay.

Hosting on standard commercial web space: EROL can be published to any standard commercial web space. If your store requires search and/or live currency, you will need to ensure your chosen web space has PERL 5 installed.

Fast, efficient and expert Technical Support: The best way to judge the quality of support is to hear what customers have to say about it. We let facts speak for themselves ... read user testimonials from some existing satisfied customers on our website.

Simple Secure One Stop Checkout: The EROL shopping cart has the simplest secure checkout procedure of all available off-the-shelf ecommerce software on the market.

Dreamteam Products

AbleStable® Review
3 out of 5 stars

This review is based on customer feedback, media and Internet industry site reviews, and our own assessment of the features and functionality of EROL Business Edition 3.

EROL Business Edition 3 is a well respected ecommerce solution for building and maintaining online stores. EROL 3 was a Future UK Internet Awards Finalist that was only preceded by Macromedia's Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX (November 2002).

EROL 3 comes in three editions: The Small Store Edition allows you to build a single store with ten products, The Business Edition provides an unlimited product range, and the Developer Edition provides support for unlimited stores and products. This review focuses upon the Business Edition of EROL 3.

EROL uses a tree structure to deliver the many elements that make up each store page. In common with Dreamweaver and other web design packages, each element has its own property dialog that allows fine tuning of each page element (HTML, Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets, and Visual Basic script elements can all be edited by the user). This complete flexibility in allowing full control over the look and feel of the store is EROL's greatest strength as compared with other ecommerce packages.

EROL also provides the ability to create and use Templates which makes the process of generating a high volume of similar pages a quick and simple affair. EROL 3 offers a comprehensive set of ecommerce functions much like Actinic Business or ShopFactory. In addition EROL 3 offers 30 days support as part of the package, and the opportunity to attend in-depth training sessions devoted to using EROL (an additional payment is required for the training sessions).

As the emphasis in using EROL is firmly placed upon the level of customisation of the store that can be achieved, EROL might therefore be considered a designers package as developing an effective store requires significant time and effort as decisions are made concerning each page element.

Stores developed with EROL 3 can therefore be as unique as the site that they serve, but for some, the feature-set may at first seem intimidating as compared with a purely pre-defined template design offered by a different store development package like ShopFactory (ShopFactory also ships as a Developers Edition allowing complete control of the design elements of the store, although it is more expensive than EROL).

One feature that many of the storefront development tools lack, and this includes EROL 3, is the ability to send the user to a specified and unique download page so customers can download the software, e-book, art work file (eg Flash source) they have paid for. From the context of creative people developing an effective ecommerce solution this is an important omission. Even static html pages using JavaScript and cookies that recognised specific products that have been paid for could be used to deliver this functionality and I'm surprised by the failure of so many store software developers in implementing this.

In the future lets hope there's a Mac version of EROL that would make the software accessible to more creative people, and that a product download option is provided after payment confirmation that further expands EROL's well rounded feature set.

My own experience in dealing with Dreamteam Products, the company that designs EROL, has not been good. I approached the company with the view of offering AbleStable users a 10% discount on EROL. I'm afraid to say they did not conduct business in a prompt professional manner. Their general response to emails was very slow, and at times required additional reminders before I received replies. I eventually became so disenchanted with their slothfulness I withdrew our offer of association.

Users of EROL report CSV files are not reliably imported for versions 3 and 4 which means that managing products that change might be a real problem. My recommendation is that you ensure you use the trial to ensure EROL meets your requirements.

Mike de Sousa, Director, AbleStable

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