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Detailed Description and Review

Amorphium 4 out of 5 stars

Windows Software Mac Software Electric Image

software box cover [pc and mac] Amorphium is like working with an organic substance like clay. Using tools to deform and manipulate the model, and brushes to paint and texture it, Amorphium feels like a 2D painting program on steroids.

System Requirements


Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
Pentium Celeron 333 or better
150MB Hard Drive Space
16MB Graphics Card
QuickTime 4.0 or later


MacOS 9/X
Macintosh G3 233 or better
150MB Hard Drive Space
16MB Graphics Card
Display of 800X600

Detailed Description

Manufacturer's Description

Amorphium Pro combines conventional modeling with the ability to create 3-D objects using real-time 2-D brushes and design tools. If you're familiar with 2-D image programs like Adobe Photoshop, then you'll be able to create professional 3-D graphics in no time. Amorphium Pro eliminates painstaking wireframe editing and the horrific learning curve associated with traditional 3-D programs. You can even use a pressure-sensitive graphics tablet to sculpt and paint your objects. Create an entire 3-D scene or add graphical elements to print designs, Web sites, or multimedia projects.

In addition to exporting animated GIFs and QuickTime movies, Amorphium Pro is a breakthrough for creating vector-based 3-D graphics and animations in Macromedia's Flash (SWF) format. Create dynamic 3-D text, logos, characters, buttons, banners, interfaces, or import libraries. You can even extrude EPS graphics into true 3-D shapes. Amorphium Pro exports optimizedSWF graphics with realistic shadows, specular highlights, cartoon shadings, gradient fills, wireframes, variable outlines, and more.

While Amorphium Pro may be intuitive, its depth of real-time creation tools makes it one of the most powerful 3-D applications in the world. In fact, Amorphium's 3-D tools were used to create imagery for some of Hollywood's biggest productions. Whether you're creating from scratch or importing existing objects, Amorphium Pro's real-time modeling, detailing, morphing, and optimizing tools can make your 3-D models more realistic and literally save hours of valuable time.

Amorphium 3 Feature List

All PC code rewritten for better compatibility with the Windows operating system
Subdivision Surface modeling tool set
A large, sophisticated set of modeling tools for accurate sculpting
Animations can be previewed
Background images can be animated
Animated texture maps supported
Modeling windows support background template images
Grid available in modeling windows
Grid snapping supported
OS X is supported
New Magnet brush tool for more painterly sculpting
Three new procedural shaders added
New BioSphere delete tool
Keyframe system improved
Manuals accessible throughout the application
Reference and Tutorial manuals rewritten and now total 500 pages

AbleStable® Review
4 out of 5 stars

Syndication Licensees Only Using This Content

Amorphium is not only among the most intuitive 3D modelling applications out there, it's great value for money. Amorphium comes as a Windows/Mac Hybred CD with a 500 page manual. This is unusual nowadays as so many manufacturers like Macromedia will charge you twice for the pleasure of obtaining their software for different platforms.

If you're a designer who is unfamiliar with 3D modelling you may have tried out a few 3D applications out of curiosity only to be discouraged by the unwieldy user interfaces, and the almost superhuman learning curve necessary to achieve even the most simple of tasks. Amorphium broke the trend and brought 3D modelling within the grasp of anyone who had the good fortune to use it. Even my five year old son enjoys using Amorphium and this speaks volumes for the quality and elegance of the software.

Amorphium is like working with an organic substance like clay. Using tools to deform and manipulate the model, and brushes to paint and texture it, Amorphium feels like a 2D painting program on steroids. You can dive straight in and get your hands dirty as soon as you fire the program up for the first time, and what's more you'll produce results that are surprisingly impressive.

If you've never used a 3D package before, Amorphium should be your choice. It's great fun to pull, punch, twist and turn the 3D model in such an intuitive way, especially when the rendering is outstanding and the tool-set superb. Add to that the great support in outputting for the Flash format, and Amorphium is a very tough 3D package to beat.

Review by Mike de Sousa, Director, AbleStable®

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