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Detailed Description and Review

SWF Media Browser 4 out of 5 stars

Windows Software SWISHSOFT

SwishSoft Logo [pc] SWF Media Browser is a powerful tool designed to search, manage, view, play, and save Flash media files. It has a fully integrated workspace that permits you to work efficiently and manage your SWF media files with ease.


System Requirements


Intel Pentium or AMD processor
400 Mhz or more
8MB Video Card - 1024x768
128 MB RAM
Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP or NT4 SP4
8M free hard disk space

Detailed Description

Manufacturer's Description

With the SWF Media Browser you can:

Browse SWF media files with the built-in viewer.
View or play SWF media file with the built-in player.
View Flash movies in full screen mode.
Browse SWF media files that are in IE and Netscape Temporary Internet Files folder.
Build your own favourites folder, and browse SWF media files from this folder.
Build your own music box.
Search SWF media files in your hard disk in seconds.
Extract music from the flash movie.
Exe2swf and swf2exe.
Exe2swf in batches.
Capture the Flash movie screen.
Make wallpaper from Flash movies.
Make a screen saver from Flash movies.
Mail your favourite movies to your friend.
Add protection and clear protection.
Copy or move SWF media files to another folder.
Rename SWF media files.

SWF Media Browser Feature List

All PC code has been written for compatibility with the Windows operating system
Supports FLASH MX.
High-speed preview lets you quickly and easily take a peek at movies without interrupting or slowing down your exploration.
Thumbnail mode shows a thumbnail of each movie instead of the normal file icons, allowing you to visually browse more quickly through many movies.You can view movie properties on the thumbnail panel,such as fps, rate, movie pixel.
Powerful built-in viewer. All movies play quickly with built-in viewer in thumbnail mode.
You can view more than 24 movies in one window at one time with 15` monitor. You can view more movies with a larger monitor.
The software uses a small amount of system resource. The normal FLASH player uses much system resource when movies are played which can cause computers to run slowly. In contrast the SWF Media Browser uses little system resource when you view many movies at once because of the special software design.
Play Flash movies in full screen mode.
Powerful playing control of movie.
Sound volume adjustment of Flash movies.
Mute control.
Magic mouse control .Control the movie's progress with alternate button and mouse wheel.
Browse IE Temporary Internet Files.
Capture your favourite picture when playing.
Set wallpaper with your captured picture.
Extract the music in a FLASH movie, and play the music directly with SWF Media Browser!
Make your own screen saver with your favourite movie.
Clear system screen saver.
Exe2swf and swf2exe quickly. You can also perform exe2swf in batches.
Add protection and clear protection in batches.
Powerful "Myfavorite" management.
Powerful "music box" management.
Browse media files with using Drag & Drop in your file system simply.
Mail your favourite movie to your friend directly while you are viewing movies.
Powerful built-in file EXPLORER. Create new folder.Copy/move media files to other folders. Rename media files.
Show/Hide folders in lists.
Different display modes (detailed, list, icons, thumbnails).
Various sort options.
Much more...

AbleStable® Review
4 out of 5 stars

Swishsoft have produced a Flash movie browser with an excellent interface that any user can quickly pick up. The attention to the detail in the design of the software is outstanding, and although you might find some spelling and grammatical errors in the generous help file that accompanies the software, this in no way detracts from this great application.

SWF Media Browser: Main Interface Screenshot

smf media browser screenshot

The SWF Media Browser in Action

The main toolbar of the SWF Media Browser is located at the top of the application window and provides a fast and easy means to call the main functions of the browser.
The SWF Media Browser has a built-in movie explorer that's easily accessible and allows you to locate and manage movies stored in your file system by letting you select a file from the system folder in the folder tree. In addition users can easily browse swf files that are saved in the temporary internet folder.

Flash movies play quickly with the built-in viewer in thumbnail mode which presents each movie in miniature form. This allows the user to quickly and easily glance at movies without interrupting or slowing down the exploration process. This is a great feature for Flash authors who may wish to browse their work quickly and easily.

The SWF Movie Browser allows the user to copy, move, or rename media files to other folders, and provides various sort options, while the 'Magic Control Channel' (which lays hidden for the most part) presents the movie controls that let users play, pause, and stop Flash movies, as well as a control that changes the audio levels.

Other great features include a full-screen mode available from the control menu, the ability to extract the music from a movie which is being played using MP3 and WAV file formats, and a useful screen capture utility that can be used when the movie is playing.

High Standards of Software Development

Swishsoft have produced a great tool for browsing Flash files. The installer is straightforward and the program ran without any problems over an extended period using Windows XP.

As soon as you fire the browser up for the first time it's apparent that the developers have spent a great deal of effort in making this as user friendly as possible with as many features as you're likely to need.

The user can get to grips with the excellent interface in next to no time. I like the general feel of the software although I feel the gray lined background distracts the eye a little. A plain dark gray (neutral) background would allow the user's attention to focus more on the Flash elements, and I understand the developers are addressing this issue for the next version. I should add at this point that at the time of writing of this review, future upgrades for the SWF media browser are free.

The informational feedback around the thumbnail boarders is very useful as is the outstanding attention to detail to the functionality of the program throughout. There's a well rounded consistency with the interface and additional features, and the developers have achieved a welcoming accessible look and feel that the general user will appreciate.

Future Improvements

The one major issue that slightly undermines the professionalism of the SWF Media Browser is the use of English in the help file. There are some spelling and grammatical errors that need attention. Perhaps the help file could contain a little more meat as well. Some useful information about Flash and the related programs like Swish wouldn't go a miss here and would create added value to the browser.

One technical issue that might be an irritation to some is that when Flash files attempt to call the original server, a new IE or Netscape window opens in an attempt to locate the item. Despite their best efforts, the developers have been unable to find a solution to this issue. The user only needs to close the new IE or Netscape windows that open so it's not a big issue, simply an irritation with certain kinds of Flash movies that use dynamic content. If you'd like to view dynamic content you're better off revisiting the original URL where the Flash file was located.

Copyright Issues

There are a number of rights issues that surround the SWF Media Browser. Being able to capture and save Flash files so easily when the author may not at times wish this is problematical. I respect the exclusivity and rights of Flash authors to protect their creative work, and the swf media browser should not be used to copy or distribute Flash files were the author has explicitly stated the file should not be copied. That said, Swishsoft have developed the swf browser as a valuable resource for authors and the public to manage Flash files on their local computer, and to inform others of Flash files that are in the public domain, but like any tool of this type, it can be abused. After thinking carefully about this issue I'm happy the browser does not of itself encourage copyright infringement any more than a screen capture utility.

I wanted to view Flash files offline as I provided a website critique service at the time of this review and some users of this service produce Flash files that require close inspection to evaluate in terms of usability, visual effectiveness etc.


Although the SWF Media Browser could be used to illegally copy Flash files in the same way as CDR or DVD software could infringe copyright, the responsible use of software always falls on the individual. I raise this issue again as AbleStable is a site dedicated to serve the creative community and I want to reassure anyone reading this review that I have considered the author's rights seriously, as well as the great benefits this program provides.

All in all Swiftsoft have provided an excellent Flash browser that features everything you're likely to need. For authors and general users alike this is a great means of quickly browsing and managing all those swf files scattered over your system, and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

Review by Mike de Sousa, Director, AbleStable®

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