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Detailed Description and Review

StuffIt 5 out of 5 stars

Windows Software Aladdin Systems, Inc.

StuffIt box cover AbleStable 5 Star Award [pc and mac] StuffIt from Aladdin Systems compresses files smaller than any other zip utility, lets you search archives, automates routine tasks, gives you easy to use drag and drop tools, and has cross-platform compatibility built-in.

System Requirements

Pentium or better
Windows® 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP
64 MB RAM, 20 MB disk space

Power Macintosh
Mac OS 8.6 and higher, including
Mac OS X;
(10.2 - Jaguar compatible)
32MB available RAM;
20MB available disk space

Detailed Description

Manufacturer's Description

StuffIt Deluxe™, the complete compression solution, goes far beyond the basics. Accessing email attachments and downloads is just the beginning. Creating compressed archives that open easily on any computer is just scratching the surface. What do you want to do with your compressed files? StuffIt helps you organize, search, browse, and use Zip and StuffIt archives just like folders. Plus, stuffing your data into archives not only makes them easier to manage, but safer. Built-in error correction prevents file corruption so you can send and store data safely.

As an Internet user, exchanging ideas and information with friends, family, and colleagues is probably part of your everyday life. StuffIt makes using the Internet easier and more secure by giving you automation tools that compress, encrypt, and distribute in a single step. StuffIt Express PE lets you drag and drop to distribute anything from business documents to digital photos. You can even distribute self-extracting archives that open automatically on Windows and Mac machines.

Best of all, StuffIt is extremely easy to use. You can access StuffIt instantly with the Magic Menu, Microsoft Word integration, OS X terminal, drag and drop applications, and more. Put the power of StuffIt at your fingertips and you'll work smarter and faster everyday.

StuffIt lets you choose the compression that best fits your needs. Create .zip, .sit, or self-extracting (.exe) archives, or for maximum compression use the new StuffIt X file format. Making .sitx archives compresses files more, down to as small as 2% of their original size. Smaller files transfer faster over the Net, take up less disk space, and maximize your bandwidth.


StuffIt offers 512-bit encryption to keep your sensitive data private. Stronger encryption means slightly longer transfer times, but when you want maximum security, it is there for you. Only the person with the password can access your file. Choose BlowFish, AES, DES, or RC4 encryption up to 512bit key lengths.


Prevent data loss that results from transfer errors or bad media. StuffIt X uses additional redundancy data when making an archive that acts as an insurance policy for your files. If your data becomes corrupted or damaged, StuffIt can use this additional information to reconstruct and restore the missing data. Use StuffIt error correction to protect data integrity!


• Compress and mail from Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint

• Exchange files with anyone, anywhere, on any platform

• Automate everyday tasks like data backups

• Create self-extracting archives that open automatically

• Find compressed files fast without expanding archive

• Access any file, download, or attachment

• Drag-and-drop interface

• Use wizards to email and upload archives to ftp sites

• StuffIt Catalog(tm) tracks all compressed files

• Support for .rar and .tar files

Aladdin Systems

5 out of 5 stars

Syndication Licensees Only Using This Content

Aladdin Systems have produced a world class product that's been around since the earliest days of the Mac. If you need great compression software with faultless operation and cross platform compatibility, StuffIt is the solution you've been searching for.

We use StuffIt to distribute our Welcome Packs for our own services at AbleStable®. We only use the best and we operate both the Windows and Mac versions. Stuffit is a key component in ensuring all our users can access larger files effortlessly. We've given StuffIt our 5 Star Award for providing an indispensable distribution tool.

Review by AbleStable®

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