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Amend and Renew Project Postings

My Projects enables those with projects posted at AbleStable® to alter contact details, amend any inaccuracies, renew their project, or remove a project. After your Project Amendments have been received, an e-mail will be sent to you from asking you to confirm any amendments you have made.

To remove a project that you have posted at AbleStable® choose 'Remove Project' from the first drop-down list 'Project Posting Type' then complete the compulsory fields. You will be sent an email to confirm your request.

Project Posting Amendment Form

Complete the compulsory fields below and enter any amendments you wish to make
  Leave all other fields blank
  All grey fields prefixed with an exclamation mark ! are compulsory
! Project Posting Type
If you wish to renew a project you only need to complete the compulsory fields (you may also amend your project at the same time if you wish)
Your Status
Private individuals and non-profit-making organisations save 50% on the commercial Project Posting rate.
! Company Name
The name you wish to be known by at AbleStable®
! Your Name
Complete this field even if this is identical to your company name above
! E-mail Address
Please take extra care in completing this field
! Confirm E-mail Address
Full Postal Address
Include your full international postal address and your Zip or Postal code
Full International Phone Number
Full Web Address
Include http://

Project Title
Job description
Project Description
Provide a clear description of the work you would like undertaken in not more than around 100 words (Maximum limit: 600 characters)

Creative Area
Find a list of Creative Areas Here
Find a list of Disciplines Here
Desired Location of creative professional
Project Closing Date
The last date people may contact you about this project
Describe any qualifications required for the project you are posting (not more than 100 characters - around 15 words)

Project Duration
If the project does not have a fixed duration then enter 'Flexible'.
Commission or Payment
Ensure you enter the currency in which the creative will be paid, and the qualifier (for example: US$30 per hour, or US$500 fixed rate).

! Terms & Conditions
I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions (opens new window) of AbleStable®

Using 'Reset' will irreversibly delete the entire registration form input from your current session so you may start again.

Go back and check your entries carefully before using the 'Send' button below. An inaccurate entry may make the difference between success and failure.

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