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SyncBack v3.2
Developers Website:

SyncBack logo SyncBack is a powerful easy to use freeware program that helps you backup and synchronise your files to: the same drive; a different drive or medium (CDRW, CompactFlash, etc); an FTP server; a Network; or a Zip archive.
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AbleStable and SyncBack

When SyncBack was first released it was awarded a 5 Star AbleStable product award for providing 'an exceptionally well produced and very useful application that performs its task effortlessly'. AbleStable awards are given to high quality products or services that are of particular use to creative people.

Mike de Sousa, the Director of AbleStable, worked on version 3 with Michael Leaver, the developer of SyncBack, on improving the interface and general usability of the software. The company 2BrightSparks (opens new window) was formed after the runaway success and unanimous praise of this software, and from version 3.1 SyncBack has been branded under 2BrightSparks .

General Description

Some of SyncBack's many features include integration with the Windows Task Scheduler, detailed and easy to read log files in HTML format (that can be automatically emailed), simulated backups, file filters, sub-directory selection, copy verification, background backups, auto-close of programs, and much more. Includes an extensive context sensitive help file.


System Requirements

Windows 98/NT/2K/ or XP

SyncBack Feature List

• A great program to backup, synchronise, or restore files, with easy scheduling.
• New graphics and improved interface
• Easy and Expert Modes to modify settings
• Backup Files
• Restore Files
• Synchronise Files
• Background Backups & Synchronisations
• Export and Import Profiles
• Simulated Run and Restore
• Schedule
• HTML and Text Logs
• Set Differences Window
• Show Groups Only
• Hibernate or Standby
• Start with Windows
• Definable Double-Click Actions
• Minimise Program Options
• View Columns Options
• Update Check
• File Filtering
• Compare Options
• Compression with options
• Compare files options
• FTP Capabilities
• Network Capabilities
• Eject Source Drive Media post task
• Select programs to run before and after task
• Select programs to close before task
• Right Click Menu
• Internet Update Check
• Comprehensive and Integrated Help File

Simplicity and Power

SyncBack is designed to be simple to use. All the essential tasks can be carried out from the main window (shown below) by clicking an icon on the lower toolbar. SyncBack also has a main menu that provides easy access to all it's functions, and a right click pop-up menu that is available when a profile is highlighted.

SyncBack v3 Main Window

One of the most useful feedback mechanisms in SyncBack is to hover your mouse over a profile when a task is in progress. A tooltip will appear with constantly updated information about: the type of operation; the steps to go; and the current files being processed.

Once you've created two or more profiles you may group them together. This allows you to run multiple profiles in one go instead of having to run each profile one after another.

Restoring a backup in SyncBack is a simple matter of selecting a profile and clicking the 'Restore' button located in the lower menu.

Settings in SyncBack

SyncBack has two Modes that will allow you to change the settings for any given profile: Easy Mode and Expert Mode.

Easy Mode provides a range of options relating to:

choices about the kind of backup or synchronisation you wish to perform
how SyncBack will perform its task under different circumstances
how the program will handle the copying and deleting of files
what file types are copied and which are not
how SyncBack processes directories

Expert mode has an additional nine tabs that allow the user to define how SyncBack functions:

Fine tune the way SyncBack handles file change detection
Compress the files in the destination and choose the level of compression
Define the destination directory as one situated on an FTP server
Define the Username and Password to use for your Network source and/or destination directory
Email the log file after the profile has run
Define the priority of Background Backups and how you will be notified when they are running
Define what programs will close before running a profile by entering the contents of their title bar
Define what programs will run before and/or after the profile runs
Choose when to display log files; whether to eject the source or destination drive media after profile is run; or define a schedule for the profile or group

Full Context Sensitive Help

SyncBack not only provides a free and powerful means of backing up and synchronising your data files, the context sensitive help makes using the program to its full advantage far easier.

SyncBack screenshots with help notes

The extensive onboard Help can either be requested from the main menu, or from within a task window by clicking a Help button that takes the user to the particular section of the help documentation relating to the current operation.

A comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section helps ensure the user is not frustrated by their lack of understanding about a particular function or operation and rounds off this incredibly useful freeware application.

Enjoy :)

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