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  Articles: exploring the world of creative professionals  
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Articles for and about creative people
Go to the Category section below and discover more about the world of creative people.

Featured Article

From Business: 'First contact with a creative professional'

First impressions count and don't forget it. Whether you're contacting a creative professional for the first time as a business or in a personal capacity there are a few words of advice for all concerned. Be clear from the outset about your needs and you'll be far less likely to become unstuck on what is often a lengthy and challenging path...

Additional Resources

Product Reviews
Covering creative books, magazines, and software, all our Reviews are based on real life usage by creative professionals.

The Column
The Column is a monthly feature that follows the lives and fortunes of creative people.


A to Z Listing of Articles

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Articles by Category

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First Contact with a Creative Professional

Credit Card Transactions

Preventing Internet fraud

Secure Servers

 Transfer of Ownership: The Customer's Perspective

for more Internet articles click the 'Internet' link above

How To Deal With Spam (extended 2 part article)

All About Domain Names

Applications for free!

Service Without the Smile

Easy EZine

E-mail Basics

The Perfect Web Site Host
Technical Information  


for more Internet articles click the 'Internet' link above

Backup, Your Most Important Task

The Colour Guide

True Colors

Commercial Colour Printing: Part 1

Type Fundamentals for Non­Designers: Part 1
The Creative Life  

for many more articles about 'The Creative Life' click 'The Creative Life' link above

Boys and Buttons

Remote Access

The Creative Block: Finding the Light Switch

Childhood: Dreams and Creativity

Creativity: As We Grow Old

Sheep, Art, and Money

Investigating Creativity

Jazz in my bones

Web Design  

for many more web design articles click the 'Web Design' link above

Website Design For Accessibility: Part 1

Truth or Dare? The Use of Deceptive Site Content

Usability and the Web

The Mystery of the META tag

Developing Web Sites: An Introduction

An introduction to CGI

 Creating Great Web Sites

for more Internet articles click the 'Internet' link above
Good Web Page Copy

The Fastest Road to Self Destruction

Writing About Yourself: The Best Brief Bio

 Good Article Writing
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