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  Business: exploring the world of creative professionals
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Welcome to our articles on business. This page will grow as new business related articles are added to the Library.

We welcome submissions for our library. Visit Feedback to contribute to this community resource.

Index of articles

Starting Up in Business

For those working in the creative sector, starting up a business is a common occurrence. This may take the form of going freelance as an independent creative, or starting a company that delivers creative services and products. This guide aims to provide some essential guidance.

Good Support Strategies

Providing good Internet support is a common feature of any successful company, and forms a high priority in many purchasing decisions. Discover what makes for an effective support policy, how support is as much what you sell as the creative service or product itself, and what tools can help in the delivery of great support.

Creating a Company

If you're selling products or services as an independent creative professional (products born of your own creative activities), you might be self employed or employed as a 'freelance'. You may however wish to expand your business into a partnership, or limit your personal liability by incorporating a company. Here's your guide to the most important issues surrounding these business models.

Creative Advertising

Advertising surrounds us at every turn, some campaigns hit the mark, others never get close. Mike de Sousa pulls together his thoughts about when advertising works, not just by increasing interest and sales of a particular product, but also when the making of an advert has satisfied the creative team producing it.

First Contact with a Creative Professional

First impressions count and don't forget it. Whether you're contacting a creative professional for the first time as a business or in a personal capacity there are a few words of advice for all concerned.

Transfer of Ownership: The Customer's Perspective

Taking an example of how a well respected company transferred ownership of one of its flagship products, this article illustrates the importance of ensuring customers are both well informed about the transfer, and confident their interests have been best represented.

Working with Office Freelancers

A creative professional often has a mountain of administration to attend to. This article explores the benefits of employing an office freelancer who can significantly reduce the pressures of running a creative business.

Credit Card Transactions

Credit card transactions have transformed the global economy and yet security concerns are never far away. This article is about the process of how credit and debit cards are used on the internet.

New Media Contacts

Steve O'Keefe brings his considerable expertise to bear in providing some great strategies for developing a list of new media contacts. If you're a small creative company and can't afford the services of a marketing expert, read on.

Preventing Internet Fraud

This article provides some advice for would-be merchants on how to ensure internet transactions are as pain free as possible.

Secure Servers

This article describes the purpose and basic principles of secure Web servers. It is intended for people and organisations who have a sneaking suspicion that they ought to be using one, but aren't sure why or what to do about it.

The Art of the Free Sample
If you've created something that's easily distributable over the Internet, you could give all or part of it away as a free sample. Why you might consider this, and how you would go about it is the focus of this article.

Outsourcing Your Web Marketing

What should you look for in a consultant, and what guarantees can you expect?

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An Overview of the GNU Project
The GNU Project aims to provide free software for all. This article outlines the background and principles of The Free Software Foundation (FSF) who are responsible for the GNU Project.

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