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  The creative life: exploring the world of creative professionals
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Library > Articles > The Creative Life



Welcome to our quality articles about the creative life.

We welcome submissions for our library. Visit Feedback to contribute to this community resource.

Index of articles

Alone With The Man in Black

Louisa Young interviews Johnny Cash - he so moved her that she gave up her job and became a novelist.

Grant And Award Applications

We present the kinds of questions and issues that arise in grant and award applications so creative people can more fully prepare for what may often be experienced as an intimidating and bewildering process.

Get That Job!

Sound advice and guidence for creative people
on how to land the right job.

Jazz in my bones

Exploring the nature of musicianship and the impact of this still mysterious and nurtured ability.

Investigating Creativity

Dana Brandley interviews Mike de Sousa, the Director of AbleStable, and unravels his motivations and thoughts about creativity and the creative process.

Sheep, Art, and Money

By taking an example of an arts project that was perceived as a waste of public money, this article exposes the world of governmental arts funding.

Pain in the Arts

Personal views
about the relationship of contemporary art and the general public.

Folk Music: First Contact

An account of a young boys first contact with folk music

Boys and Buttons

Reflections on the fascination of gadgets, the power of the visual, and the politics of creativity

Remote Access

Reflections about the Internet Cafe, remote Internet access in general, and our inevitable journey as a species towards cyberlife.

Copyright: Ownership and Protection

Creative professionals make their living from the efforts of their originality. The Internet has created an environment that makes it very easy to copy or plagiarise another persons work. We investigate the world of copyright ownership and how creative people can try to protect the fruit of their creative labours.

The Creative Block: Finding the Light Switch

Creative professionals spend their days inventing and reinventing. Sooner or later fatigue sets in. Here's an article exploring the world of ideas and how they ebb and flow in the current of a creative mind.

Childhood: Dreams and Creativity

Dreams and creativity are a part of a child's everyday life. Depending on those around them children's creativity is in turn nurtured, ignored, commended or discouraged. This article provides food for thought on how the experiences of our childhood form our attitudes and views of who creative people are.

Forensic Art: Little Known, Highly Effective

Uncovering the profession of the forensic artist, Wesley Neville provides a rare insight into the valuable speciality of law enforcement.

Creativity: As We Grow Old

Goethe, Titian, and Edison are testament to the vitality and creativity that can define people in their later years. Creativity need not decline as we grow older. If we choose, our later life can be a period of great creative productivity.

Art: Pay to View

In his question and answer essay, John Ohannesian argues for the Pay to View Art Gallery.


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