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  The internet: exploring the world of creative professionals  
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Library > Articles > The Internet



Welcome to our articles on the internet. This page will grow as new articles are added to the Library.

We welcome submissions for our library. Visit Feedback to contribute to this community resource.

Index of articles

Internet Affiliates

Internet affiliates are individuals and businesses who run websites that promote or sell services and products on behalf of others, and by so doing, gain a commission. This article aims to provide an overview of the various myths, models, and methods relating to Internet affiliation.

Error Messages on the Internet

Discover why Internet error messages occur, review a complete listing of messages with their meanings, and how websites that customise error pages prevent visitors from leaving.

All About Favicons

The favicon, a tiny 16x16 pixel image file, often resides in the address line of your browser as you surf the Internet, or within the Favorites menu if the site is bookmarked. Here's a guide to the tiny world of this powerful branding image file.

Spam, Spamming, and Scams

Email is among the most commonly used communications medium on the planet and it's a frustrating fact of online life that if you have an email address, you will be sent Spam. This article highlights the most likely reasons for receiving Spam, and the kinds of scams that are commonly practiced using Spam.

The Domain Name System

The Domain Name System is at the heart of the Internet, and understanding how it functions is especially crucial if you manage a website. In this article you'll find basic and detailed explanations about the world of DNS.

How To Deal With Spam: Part 1 | Part 2

This highly informative extended article discusses the world of Spam (unsolicited email), and provides advice about how to counter it.

Getting Ready For Chat

This introductory guide assesses the strengths and pitfalls of Internet chat through the perspective of the book author and provides great advice for anyone considering this avenue of self promotion.

Applications for free!

Computer magazine cover CD's contain free applications by the bucket load, but aren't they for amateurs? Stick to a few golden rules and you'll find some free applications offer advantages that simply aren't available from the commercial world.

Banner advertising

Nearly all web sites feature banner advertising of one sort or another and most commercial sites now integrate banners into their design and ethos. This articles explores the issues surrounding them.

All about domain names

Domain names are the currency of contact on the Internet If you own a domain name or are considering taking the plunge you'll be well advised to keep the following issues at the forefront of your mind...

The Tale of Two Domains and A Donkey

This is the story of how for £10 you can undermine the reputation of a multi-million pound market leader.

Service Without the Smile

Servicing the Internet is a remote activity and there's the rub. It's easy to forget a public without a physical presence. We explore the remote nature of the Internet and the differences between off-line and on-line communications.

Easy EZine

We explore the world of EZines and discover there's a little more to receiving and sending an EZine than at first meets the eye.

Finding it Online: Internet Research Made Simpler

This article offers some suggestions for good research techniques, and for evaluating the credibility of the results.

EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications

This article offers an overview and outline guide to the European Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications which European Member States will adopt by October 2002-2010.

The Perfect Web Site Host

Choosing the right host for your web site is crucial in assuring its' success. We provide essential independent guidance that helps you make the right choice.

E-mail Basics

The main reason most people go on-line is e-mail. Steve O'Keefe writes an essential article for those wishing to learn the basic principles of using e-mail effectively.

On-line Newsrooms

Descover the world of the on-line newsroom. By focussing on the key elements that make up newsrooms, this article provides essential advice on creating effective and appropriate networking and informational hubs.

Email News Release Basics

For many creative professionals publicising their work is a constant struggle. Here's how one method of email publicity might just get you the results you're after.

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