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  Technical Advice: exploring the world of creative professionals  
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Library > Articles > Technical Information



Welcome to our articles on technical advice. This page will grow as new articles are added to the Library.

We welcome submissions for our library. Visit Feedback to contribute to this community resource.

Index of articles

Introducing Vista® icons

This article provides information on: Windows Vista® - A Resolution-Independent User Interface; Vista® 256x256 PNG Compressed Icons; Compatibility with Windows® XP; Creating a Vista® Compressed Icon, and Using Vista Compressed Icons in Software Projects.

Backup: Your Most Important Task

Everyone who uses a computer to save or store files will at some time or another experience that heart stopping moment when they realize their files are lost. Don't let those files be lost forever. It's plain and simple: if you use a computer, you need to backup your data. It's not a question of whether you should, but rather how you should...

How to Quit a Frozen Program

Blind panic has set in as the program you're using refuses to quit. This article shows how on nearly every occasion, all you need do is press three keys on your keyboard to solve the problem.

Screenshots, Captures, and Snapshots

A 'screenshot' or 'capture' is a still, digital image, or 'snapshot' of what appears on all or part of a computer screen. This article shows how to easily take snapshots, provides guidance about image file types, and more.

What is Music?

Music is a word whose accepted definitions vary with time, place and culture. It is said to be an art, or form of entertainment, it is also often defined by contrast with noise or speech. Some definitions of music place it explicitly within a cultural context by defining music as what people accept as musical. Enjoy this complete overview.

The Logo Guide

A company logo is used to assert a company's identity. Branding (coherent logo, text style, and visual style) helps to create a sense of confidence in a company, and also ensures that users recognise a company from simple visual cues. This article presents some of the important issues surrounding logo creation.

Top Freeware For Creatives

Ten freeware titles that carry out their job elegantly and efficiently, and together, provide the computer creative with an essential toolset.

Updating Software

Keeping up to date with the latest version of a software title, or finding current descriptions about the newest version of a program are essential tasks of computer maintenance. Updates allow software developers to upgrade their code and data to reflect bug fixes, feature additions, and added information. Here's the low down on the world of the update...

The Importance of Visual Continuity

A key component of ensuring web and software interfaces create a positive impact is to provide visual continuity in their design. Taking the example of a fictitious company, this article covers the essential principles that web and software designers need to consider.

The Colour Guide

The Colour Guide provides the reader with essential knowledge about light and colour. The better informed we become about colour, the more effectively we can appreciate it's subtleties, and manipulate its nature.

Type Fundamentals for Non­Designers: Part 1

Type Fundamentals for Non­Designers: Part 2

Perhaps you know all about the <font> tag. You might have tried CSS, and naturally, you can create a good-looking, well-optimized Web graphic. Join Molly E. Holzschlag, Communications Director for the World Organization of Webmasters, as she uncovers the fundamentals of typography in her special two part extended article...

A Sorry Tale of Cross Incompatibility

Making sure PC's and Mac's communicate.

True Colors

Broaden your knowledge about the way computers manage colour, how the Web-safe palette came to be, why 'safe' isn't really safe, and gain a deeper perspective about Web colour in general. Molly E. Holzschlag's informative article will show you how to aim for the colour results that best meet your needs.

Creating a Local Area Network

This article describes how to install a local-area network in your house with its' focus on simple installations (two or three computers side-by-side).

Commercial Colour Printing: Part 1

Bob Swinbank of Cardinal Publicity provides an accessible overview of the printing process by explaining the fundamentals of The Four Colour Process.

Commercial Colour Printing: Part 2

Bob Swinbank continues his overview of the printing process by explaining the fundamentals of Offset Lithography, and The Five Stages of Print Production.

Domain Status Codes

This page details the various domain status codes and a brief description of each code. The document is based on information from Network Solutions, Inc. Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP) Version 1.1.0 (RFC2832).

NSI Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP) Version 1.1.0

This document describes a protocol for the registration and management of second level domain names and associated name servers in both generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) and country code Top LevelDomains (ccTLDs). Be aware this is a large page at 203KB.


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