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  Writing: exploring the world of creative professionals
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Library > Articles > Writing


Welcome to our articles on writing. This page will grow as new articles are added to the Library.

We welcome submissions for our library. Visit Feedback to contribute to this community resource.

Index of articles

Good Web Page Copy

This article explores how people read web pages as compared to print pages, and describes some fundamental guidelines to ensure your message doesn't get lost or overlooked.

The Fastest Road to Self Destruction

The hardest challenge for a working writer is to sustain quality and originality. There are times when the pressure to churn out a feature without too much care and attention is overwhelming. This article explains why for me, that's the fastest road to self destruction, and how I aim to avoid it...

Writing About Yourself: The Best Brief Bio
The act of summarising a life in a few well chosen words is far more difficult than it might at first appear. This article guides the reader through preparing a simple but effective biographical entry.

Good Article Writing

This primer sets out some general guidelines for how best to write high quality articles that will be welcomed for inclusion at AbleStable®.

Book Publicity on the Internet
Internet marketing expert Steve O'Keefe provides writers with invaluable advice on how to get their book noticed.

Freelance Copywriting Clients - Are yours Peppermint, Bitter Lemon or Pure Humbug?

Clients can get in the way of a perfectly good career; or at least that's the impression given by some freelance copywriters who work in the advertising and Internet marketing sector. Like it or not, learning to love clients - warts and all - is essential if you want to succeed in what is an incredibly competitive business. This article gives some useful tips for those on the threshold of what could be a truly great future.

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