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Free Publications to Download and Distribute
Welcome to e-books at AbleStable. Feel free to download the e-books presented here. Our e-books can be freely distributed and presented for download on other web sites on the condition that the following statement and web link always accompanies them:

This e-book is brought to you by AbleStable®, the Directory of Creative Professionals, and may be freely distributed on the condition this statement accompanies its travels (

Featured e-book

The Burial of Georgio Sánchez
A lyrical evocation of passion, self-sacrifice, and necessary deceit...

Wonderfully written and beautifully poetic” Bloomsbury


The Burial of Georgio Sánchez
High quality novel: a tale of intrigue and deceit...


The Creative Glossary
A Glossary of terms and phrases commonly used in the creative sector



PC and Apple e-books

We publish all our e-books in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. This is the widest freely distributed cross-platform (PC & Mac) document reader available. If you do not have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 5, download it by going to

Zip files can be opened with most Windows compression utilities and will automatically unzip on an Apple Computer (OS 9 and above). For free zip utilities check out

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The Creative Glossary
AbleStable: Second Edition, July 2005

Our online Creative Glossary clarifies words and terms used at AbleStable and by creative people in general. The new second edition PDF Creative Glossary delivers a more accessible version allowing you to refer off-line, print, search, and zoom at your leisure.

From "A and R" to "Zip", you'll find hundreds of clear explanations and definitions of words, phrases, and acronyms that are commonly used in the creative world.

Example Entry:

Art Music
Music that is not folk, jazz, or other types of popular music, and is more likely available to an elite within society (sometimes called serious music). Art music is also referred to as classical music, although in western art music history the term 'classical' refers to a particular period of western art music.


Mike de Sousa, AbleStable

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