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  Glossary: definitions of words and phrases used at AbleStable®  
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 Our language usage explained

Our Glossary clarifies words and terms used at AbleStable® and by creative people in general. If you have any suggestions for words or terms you feel should be included here, go to Submissions.

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Single Page Glossary
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A and R

The Artists and Repertoire department of a record company, whose job is to find new musicians and music.

Active Practitioner
A creative professional generating less than 50% of their income from the sales of creative production or creative services.

Adware is software supported by advertising revenue.

Anonymous file transfer protocol

Abbreviation: anonymous FTP; AFTP. A system for using the standard FTP without requiring
a user ID or password.

A logical arithmetical or computational procedure that if correctly applied ensures the solution of a problem.

Alt Tag
The alt tag is a label describing an image. It appears when the mouse is rolled over an image on a webpage (text within a small yellow window in Windows, white in Macs). It is particularly helpful for people who view pages in text-only mode and/or who have special software that converts the text to an audio equivalent.

Anonymous file transfer protocol
Abbreviation: anonymous FTP; AFTP. A system for using the standard FTP without requiring a user ID or password.

'American national standards institute.' The organization that defines standards for certain aspects of computer operation including the ANSI standards for programming languages, the control codes used by terminals, and the ANSI character set.

Anti-virus software is used to scan files for possible rogue instructions that may have been attached to them. These instructions, if run by an application, might perform unwanted actions.

Small Java programs that 'auto install' when browsing (given the browser has Java enabled). Applets are designed to run on any system. Unlike an application, applets cannot be executed directly from the operating system. Sun Microsystems certifies applets or applications written in 100% pure Java will run in all systems equipped with a Java Virtual Machine, not just in Microsoft Windows environments.

Those applying to become Clients, Members and Partners of AbleStable®.

A searchable part of a website where non-current information is stored.

The products of human creative activity which often hold special significance.

Art Music
Music that is not folk, jazz, or other types of popular music, and is more likely available to an elite within society (sometimes called serious music). Art music is also referred to as classical music, although in western art music history the term 'classical' refers to a particular period of western art music.

A person who practices or is skilled in an art and one whose profession requires artistic expertise (a painter, designer, illustrator).

Art Paper
Paper which has a coating usually of china clay. It can be gloss or matt and is suitable for jobs requiring a fine finish such as colour brochures and annual reports.

Originally the physical art (Sometimes referred to as Camera-Ready Artwork or Mechanical) prepared by the designer and including type, graphics and other originals. This was used by the printer to produce the printing plates.

ASCII is the standard method for encoding characters as 8-bit sequences of binary numbers, allowing a maximum of 256 characters. Text files are customarily called 'ASCII files'. ASCII also includes control characters such as carriage return and tab.

ASP stands for Active Server Pages. A blend of traditional HTML and database server language. When a server accesses an active content page, the requested page is passed through the database server where the code is processed, and a new HTML page is generated. This page is then returned to the regular web server and sent on to the user.


The Association of Shareware Professionals was formed in April 1987 to strengthen the future of try-before-you-buy software as an alternative to conventional retail software. Its members, all of whom subscribe to a code of ethics, are committed to the concept of shareware as a method of marketing.

To learn and understand thoroughly; to absorb and incorporate; to become absorbed. From the Latin name assimilãre to make one thing like another, similus, like, similar.

Aspect ratio
The ratio of height to width of a rectangle. Applies to monitor screens, slides and paper. The aspect ratio of most standard paper sizes is approximately 1.5:1.


Readonly attribute
Describes a file that may only be read. Devices such as CDROM can be read but not
changed. This attribute can be assigned to a file or a folder. Read only files or folders cannot be
modified or deleted, but a readonly folder may have its contents modified or deleted.

Archive attribute
The file is an archive file. Applications use this attribute to mark files for backup or removal.

Hidden attribute
The file is hidden. It is not included in an ordinary directory listing.

System attribute
The file is part of the operating system or is used exclusively by it.

Temporary attribute
The file is being used for temporary storage.

Offline attribute
The data of the file is not immediately available. This attribute indicates that the file data has been physically moved to offline storage.

Not indexed attribute (not content indexed)
The file will not be indexed by the content indexing service.

Encrypted attribute
The folder or file is encrypted on a NTFS volume. Encryption is provided by the Encrypting
File System (EFS). Detailed information about encrypted file attribute.

Compressed attribute
File that is made generally much smaller than the original size of file. Supported by NTFS
volumes (Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2003).

Creation date attribute
Specifies the original creation date and time of file or folder. When the file or folder is created / newly made, creation date and time are recorded in file system.

Last modified date attribute
Indicates on the file systems level when the file or folder was modified last time. When the files contents are modified and saved, last modified date and time stamp is set to correspond with the time of changes done.

Last accessed date attribute
Indicates on the file systems level when a file was accessed. If the file is only opened for viewing, copied, moved, etc., last accessed date is changed to current one.

A file which is 'attached' and sent as part of a standard text e-mail message.

Any process that ensures that users are who they say they are. When you type your name and password, you are authenticated and allowed access.

New. unusual or experimental, usually used to describe the 'cutting edge' of an art form.

AVI (Audio Video Interleave)
A common format on the Internet for small movies and videos (Windows based).

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Our Glossary is provided as a community resource and all entries are written solely for the purpose of appearing at AbleStable's® Library. Copying materials from our Glossary for profitable purposes is strictly prohibited.

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