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  Glossary: definitions of words and phrases used at AbleStable®  
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 Our language usage explained
Our Glossary clarifies words and terms used at AbleStable® and by creative people in general. If you have any suggestions for words or terms you feel should be included here, go to Submissions.

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Single Page Glossary
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C and C++

Computer languages.

A small area of fast memory provided to increase the effective speed of a large amount of slower memory. Your browser uses a 'cache' to store webpages and parts of webpages you have visited during a session.

'Computer aided design'. The process of using a computer to assist in the design process, usually by automating the production of drawings. CAD techniques are widely used in engineering and architecture.

CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
The standard for running programs on a server from a Web page. Gateway programs, or scripts, are executable programs which can be run by themselves.

Character Set
The basic set of letters and symbols that a computer uses, or are included in a particular font.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) programs for PC and Mac that allow the directory and file permissions to be changed over the Internet.


Users registered at AbleStable® that are seeking creative professionals, and who may wish to post projects at AbleStable®.

'Cyan, magenta, yellow.' A system for specifying the colour of print, as opposed to light (see RGB; HSL.) In principle, black is produced by mixing cyan, magenta and yellow inks, but in practice this rarely works as well as the use of a solid black colour. In professional printing it is usual to include a separate black ink and specify the colour using CMYK.

'Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black'. A system for specifying the colour of print, as opposed to light (see RGB; HSL). See CMY for more details. Each component has a value from 0 to 255. 0-0-0 is white and 255-255-255 is black.

The process of assembling the various sections or sheets of a document in the correct order.

Colour Depth
The number of colours of a display adapter, printer or monitor that can be displayed at the same time.

Colour Palette
Every visible colour of light can be represented by a combination of primary colours, e.g., red, green and blue. If a display system is able to represent the intensities of each primary colour separately it is referred to as a 'true colour' system.

Colour Separation
Separating a colour job into the elements required for printing. See Four Colour Process Printing.

A cookie is a small data file that certain web sites write to your hard drive when you visit them. A cookie file can contain information such as a user ID that the site uses to track the pages you have visited. The only personal information a cookie can contain is information you supply yourself. A cookie can't read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites.

Community Development Policy
AbleStable's® community development policy aims to encourage its' users to participate and contribute towards a number of initiatives that support creative professionals.

The term copyright can stand for a variety of principled and legal positions on the use or protection of original literary, musical, or artistic work. Copyright is often granted by law for a specified period of years (the Berne Convention recently extended the terms of protection to the life of the author plus seventy-five years).


A printed job can be creased mechanically to make folding easier. There are times when you might want a printed piece delivered flat for ease of storage and then do the folding yourself, manually.

Creative Area
Broad creative categories where users of AbleStable® begin their search for creative people.

People begin their search for creative people at AbleStable® by first selecting a 'Creative Area'. Within each Creative Area (for example 'Design') there are many 'Disciplines' (for example 'Web Design'). A Discipline at AbleStable® is defined as a specialism within a particular creative field. A certain Discipline may require many 'Skills'. Skills are particular abilities and expertise a person has within a given Discipline (for example being a proficient user of a particular make of web design software).

In summary, the path to finding a creative person at AbleStable® is to filter choices by:
Creative Area/s > Discipline/s > Skill/s.


Gathering personal experience, knowledge, and skill, then using these qualities to produce an answer to a challenge of some kind.

Creative Pro
Short for Creative Professional.

Creative Professional
People offering products and/or services for sale of which they are the originator.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) refers to a style 'language' used by web designers to define presentational aspects of a web document (typeface, background, text, link colours, margin controls, and the placement of objects on a web page).

Cybernetic Interface
A channel for communication between a computer and a person. Through this connection, a computer can communicate to a person and the person can respond to the computer.

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Copyright Statement
Our Glossary is provided as a community resource and all entries are written solely for the purpose of appearing at AbleStable's® Library. Copying materials from our Glossary for profitable purposes is strictly prohibited.

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