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  Glossary: definitions of words and phrases used at AbleStable®  
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 Our language usage explained
Our Glossary clarifies words and terms used at AbleStable® and by creative people in general. If you have any suggestions for words or terms you feel should be included here, go to Submissions.

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Short for Frequently Asked Questions.

'File allocation table'. Part of a magnetic disk or optical disk that stores information about how files are distributed across the disk.

FAT 32
In order to overcome the volume size limit of FAT16 while still allowing memory constrained
DOS real mode code to handle the format, Microsoft decided to implement a newer generation of FAT, known as FAT32, with 32bit cluster numbers, of which 28 bits are currently used.

In everyday terms a 'file' is any collection of information stored in such a way that it can easily be retrieved.

Films (printing)
Films are produced by an imagesetter from the artwork. They are used to produce the printing plates by a photochemical process. There is one separated film for each ink used.

Any process that follows the actual printing. Can include folding, creasing, stitching, binding and the like.

Special computers or computer programs that are set up on a network to prevent intruders from stealing or destroying confidential files.

Macromedia Flash is software for developing highly visual, interactive content, and Internet applications that that can be deployed across all major platforms and devices. The free Flash player is now a standard in Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers.

Fold ('the fold' used in web design)
The visible screen area of an average sized monitor that can be viewed without the need to scroll.

Folder (another name for Directory)
A file container on a disk. Like a folder in a filing cabinet, you can store related files in the same folder to help organize your information.

Printer's technical term for what the rest of the world calls a page number.

Four Colour Process Printing
The most common system for producing full colour print. Originally the artwork and originals were separated using filters and four printing plates were produced.

The four ink colours are Cyan (Blue), Magenta (Red),Yellow and Black - often referred to as CMYK. Because the inks used are translucent, they can be overprinted and combined in a variety of different proportions to produce a wide range of colours.

The vast majority of magazines and colour books are produced using four-colour process.

Full Professional

A creative professional generating 80% to 100% of their income from the sales of creative production or creative services.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
The most widely-used method of downloading and uploading (getting and putting) files across an Internet connection.

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Our Glossary is provided as a community resource and all entries are written solely for the purpose of appearing at AbleStable's® Library. Copying materials from our Glossary for profitable purposes is strictly prohibited.

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