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  Glossary: definitions of words and phrases used at AbleStable®  
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 Our language usage explained
Our Glossary clarifies words and terms used at AbleStable® and by creative people in general. If you have any suggestions for words or terms you feel should be included here, go to Submissions.

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Single Page Glossary
(large page)


A plastic coating which protects the printed surface and usually gives a high gloss finish. Most paperback books have laminated covers.

The orientation of the page so that the long edge is along the bottom. Sometimes referred to as horizontal. The opposite of portrait.

The space between characters and lines in printed text. It refer to mechanical printing presses, where this spacing was provided by strips of lead.

LAN (Local Area Network)
A LAN is a Local Area Network allowing several computers and/or peripherals to work together (see Network)

Line Artwork
Artwork which contains no halftones such as company symbols or simple diagrams.

By far the most common type of commercial printing.

A subset of a user's environment that defines conventions for a specified culture, such as
time formatting, numeric formatting, monetary formatting, and character classification,
conversion, and collation.


The process of providing an e-mail address and password to gain access to a restricted area of our site.

Copyright Statement
Our Glossary is provided as a community resource and all entries are written solely for the purpose of appearing at AbleStable's® Library. Copying materials from our Glossary for profitable purposes is strictly prohibited.

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