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  Glossary: definitions of words and phrases used at AbleStable®  
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 Our language usage explained
Our Glossary clarifies words and terms used at AbleStable® and by creative people in general. If you have any suggestions for words or terms you feel should be included here, go to Submissions.

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Single Page Glossary
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Two or more computers working together so they can exchange information with each other (see LAN).

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Unwanted sound.

Non-Profit-Making Organisations

Organisations who work on a not-for-profit (non-profit making) basis: non-commercial businesses or organisations. AbleStable® supports not-for-profit organisations through its' NPM Partner Scheme.

Not-For-Profit Organisations
An alternative name for non-profit-making organisations above (North American usage).

NPM Partner Scheme

The NPM (not-for-profit) Partner Scheme enables non-profit making organisations to enjoy the full benefits of Partnership at AbleStable® without the associated charge. This is part of AbleStable's® Community Development Policy.

New Technology File System

The NTFS File System is the standard file system of Windows NT and its descendants Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Windows version 95, 98, 98SE and ME, cannot natively read NTFS file systems, although utilities do exist for this purpose. NTFS replaced Microsoft's previous FAT file system, used in MSDOS and early versions of Windows. NTFS has several improvements over FAT such as improved support for metadata 16 and the use of advanced data structures to improve performance, reliability and disk space utilization plus additional extensions such as security access control lists and file system journaling.

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Copyright Statement
Our Glossary is provided as a community resource and all entries are written solely for the purpose of appearing at AbleStable's® Library. Copying materials from our Glossary for profitable purposes is strictly prohibited.

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