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Library icon The Library at AbleStable

A Reference for All
Our aim is to make the library at AbleStable a useful reference stop for anyone interested in creative activity, whether on a personal or professional level.

What's Here?

The library at AbleStable is organised into six sections:

Articles: from 'developing partnerships with creative professionals' to 'Applications for free?'

The Column: a monthly feature that explores the world of creativity

E-books: freely distributable self contained publications

Glossary: our guide to creative terms and words

Reviews: reviews about creative software, magazines, and books

Weblinks: useful links to sites on the internet

The Column

The Column explores the world of creativity and aesthetics.

Featured Issue

Creative Zeal

Play is the fun in our lives. As we grow older, and if we have the temperament to do so, play evolves into creative activity focused towards an end: a poem, a tune, a painting, and for some the need to create brings enrichment that no other path provides.


Want to Contribute?
Although we write articles, e-books and reviews that appear on-line in our library, we're always on the look out for interesting and informative advice, guidance and reviews from our users. You may have valuable experience and knowledge you'd like to share with others. Our library is an information exchange, a community facility that we host without charge.

How to Contribute
If you've an original article or review you think may be of interest to others (up to five thousand words), visit Submissions and complete the form.

We'll format your text file so it follows our general on-line style and e-mail it to you before we present it on-line.
Although we do not pay fees for contributions to the library, all contributors are credited and cross referenced within our database.

Content Editorial
Please note, we reserve the right to alter contributions in the interests of clarity and length. We always e-mail any text amendments to our contributors for their approval before they are published on the internet.

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