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Reviews: reviews of products used in creative activities

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Library > Reviews > General Applications


Welcome to our reviews on general applications. This page will grow as new reviews are added to the Library.

We welcome submissions for our library. Visit Feedback to contribute to this community resource.

Index of reviews
Applications for free

Computer magazine cover CD's contain free applications by the bucket load, but aren't they for amateurs? Past versions of buggy software that give your system an impossible task and crash without any prospect of recovery? Stick to a few golden rules and you'll find some free applications offer advantages that simply aren't available from the commercial world...

Member Ties

MemberTies, a club membership software program, proves once again independent companies can produce first rate applications. MemberTies is an invaluable tool in organising and maintaining information about people within any organisation.

The Fluid Dynamics Search Engine

The Fluid Dynamics Search Engine is an easy-to-install search engine for local and remote sites. We review the search engine that promises to offer high quality search queries and results at the fraction of the cost of paid subscription services.

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