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The Column: exploring the world of creativity and aesthetics.

A New Chapter

This is my first column in a long time. I hoped to return sooner, however creative projects and commercial commitments kept me from this place. It is therefore apt that a new chapter begins with my announcement to re-focus my not-for-profit work which seeks to encourage and support creativity.

AbleStable has provided a free directory of creative professionals and hundreds of free resources for over ten years. Over this time I have made many friends and been privileged in receiving contributions to the site from around the world. Millions of visitors have enjoyed the freeware on offer, articles, reviews, tools, exhibitions, and online creative activities. Thanks to all those who have traveled with me on this journey.

The Directory

The directory of creative professionals is at the heart of AbleStable, people have in the past arrived at the site either becuase they are searching for a creative professional (illustrators, copywriters, photographers etc.), or they wish to be listed as one on the directory.

I've always kept tight editorial control over the directory to ensure AbleStable's principle of being a family friendly site where honest and accurate information is maintained. The moment directory users have control over what is posted through open access, the degree of support and monitoring the directory hits the roof, and the descriptions of creative services and accomplishments are less easily verified.

Over the last year I have found it increasingly difficult to maintain the directory as the abuse of online membership forms and Spam emails have resulted in an overwhelming demand on my time. For every valid member application there are twenty invalid applications, yet each one needs to be reviewed to sort the chaff from the wheat. When I opened my AbleStable inbox to find three and a half thousand emails I reluctantly decided the time had come to phase out the directory here at AbleStable and took a long hard look at what I wanted to achieve.

In 2014 I launched a new directory website that allows creative people the opportunity to promote their services. The Creative Freelancers Directory has free and afforable member levels and allows me to focus on my own creative activities while continuing my commitment to providing a context for others to be discovered.

Creative i World

The numerous resources that I and others have developed and share freely with the Internet community will be hosted at creative i world. The name far better sums up it's purpose for a long term future.

"creative i world" will be a destination of enrichment, and will maintain my approach in offering free resources that fosters the exploration of creative potential. In common with AbleStable, I will encourage those who wish to show their support for the site by providing a clear path for their donations to the charity Oxfam.

You will begin to see the gradual migration of resources from AbleStable to creative i world. As AbleStable is very well indexed on search engines, I will continue to host this site and redirect web pages individually to their new home. The change will be gradual, and because of the high volume of resources, the completion of the migration will take some time.

I remain an irrepressible optimist, and my profound conviction continues to be that exploring our creativity is the world's best hope for peace, cooperation, and constructive communication. My hope is that creative i world and sites like The Profit of Art will contribute to that goal.

Kind Regards,

Mike de Sousa


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Authors background
Mike de Sousa is the Director of AbleStable. Mike has been commissioned as an artist, music composer, photographer, print and web site designer, and author, and publishes his own stock photos and artwork at EyeInvent. Mike is also the Creative Director of 2BrightSparks, a software company.

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Copyright Notice
Although our contents are free to browse, copyright resides with the originators of all works accessed at AbleStable, and unauthorised copying or publication of our site contents is strictly prohibited.

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