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The Library > The Column > The Column Archive: 2002-2010

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The Column Archive 2002-2010
The Column is a monthly feature that explores the world of creativity and aesthetics.

Previous Issues

Use one of the links below to read a previous issue of The Column that was published during 2002-2010 at AbleStable®.

Previous Issues of The Column 2002-2010

010 December A Tale of Creation and Destruction: When something that someone made inspires us we often want to know how that work came into being, and why that work continues to resound in us long after its creator/s have left...
009 November Are Computers Creative?: Our interaction with the world is changing, and the interface between computer and humans which began with the keyboard is evolving in new, more intimate and profound ways. Within fifty years our next great leap as a species will have taken place.
008 October Fool's Art: As art and commerce becomes inextricably linked in our daily lives, so art looses its status and importance. Art becomes no more than decoration. Art becomes the fool's gold of our times...
007 September The Creative Spark: Where does our creativity come from? Some believe it is a divine gift, others that it is exclusive to those with a particular predisposition. Form your own view after reading this thought provoking investigation.
006 August Madness and Creativity: Creative people are in turn viewed as inspired, self indulgent, insightful, and insane. To some the spark of genius appears as a shallow breath away from the world of the irrational and those misunderstood souls who inhabit the world of the mad house. Journey into the world of the creative mind.
005 July Play: Being Creative: Play is often viewed as a pastime that is more for enjoyment and diversion rather than an activity of any significance. For many however, play is an ongoing and crucial element that is at the heart of their identity.
004 June Opening Windows: The Internet of the future will be like the urban city of today with it's commercial centres, suburbs, and ghettos, but one crucial difference will remain: the voice of the creative individual will continue to be heard.
003 May Primate Art:Six Sulawesi Crested Macaque Monkeys, one computer, a £2,000 grant from the English Arts Council, and four weeks to get creative. Join the journey to uncover the real issues surrounding this 'art project'.
002 April Becoming A Rich Artist: Artists are no different than anyone else: they want to spend their days doing what they most enjoy while making a living from it. Most don't succeed. Here's the story of one man who forged his own path to riches.
001 March How Good Am I?: The Column kicks off with a tale of hope, uncertainty, and the creative urge.


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