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The Library > The Column > The Column Archive: 2003-2004

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The Column Archive 2003-2004
The Column is a monthly feature that explores the world of creativity and aesthetics.

Previous Issues

Use one of the links below to read a previous issue of The Column that was published during 2003-2004 at AbleStable®.

Previous Issues of The Column 2003-2004

022 December Creative Sense: Of our five senses, some are used in creative activity more generally than others. The more we consider how our senses are used, the more we come to understand our world and expression of it.
021 November The Creative Gamble: Arts funding in the United Kingdom has been transformed by the injection of over £2bn since the launch of the national lottery ten years ago, however progress towards a more enlightened culture in which people value their creative potential and appreciate the creative efforts of others continues to evade the cultural elite.
020 October Write from the Heart: All writers start off with a desire to touch the minds and hearts of others. I investigate why our personal narrative is a vital link to ensuring our creative voice remains vibrant and lasting.
019 September Lego Building: Art or Design: Some view designers as somehow less than artists, others think it's the other way round. What's the true difference between art and design? Taking Lego as the creative medium it's easy to see how the boundaries blur...
018 August Painting By Numbers
As a boy of around ten I remember feeling uncomfortable when I was given a black velvet painting by numbers set. I felt a sham before I popped open the first tiny plastic tub that held the thick unnatural coloured pigment...
017 July Creative Ambition
Some view ambition as the root of all achievement, for others the ambitious person is self-centred and often ignores the needs of those around them in their voracious appetite to achieve their aim.
016 June The Value of Art
The value of art appears to diminish in the public's eye year by year. Contemporary art is now firmly established and promoted as a commodity, and the efforts of influential public relations firms solidify the cynicism and suspicion that so many now feel about art. Is art worth less or priceless?
015 May Freeware and Freewhere
Some hold the principled position that all freeware should be free and without condition, others say freeware should be restricted in a commercial context. Join me as I ponder about the world of freeware and present its sister service, freewhere...
014 April Man As Mother
My passion is to communicate one simple message and to provide a context for that message to thrive. Perhaps I've never expressed this message before in such a direct way although my writings and this site are wholly devoted to its purpose.
013 March Defining The Artist
Our desire to name, define and categorise the world is testament to our need to make sense of it, yet many words are used in such different ways from one person to the next, the more they are considered, the more they confuse. The word 'artist' is one such word.
012 February The Freedom to Give: Part 1 | Part 2
The current battle between the SCO Group and the Linux community encapsulates the choice all creative people consider at one time or another: do I offer the products of my creative labours freely, or should I charge for them? More to the point, do I have a choice?
011 January When Something Isn't, Is: Late last year an award was given to one of the world's most powerful politicians. The man neither sought the award, nor was he proud of receiving what some might consider a dubious accolade. Nevertheless, his words inadvertently began to be quoted more often than before, and his creations found new life outside himself...


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