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The Library > The Column > The Column Archive: 2003-2004

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The Column Archive 2004-2005
The Column is a monthly feature that explores the world of creativity and aesthetics.

Previous Issues

Use one of the links below to read a previous issue of The Column that was published during 2004-2005 at AbleStable®.

Previous Issues of The Column 2004-2005

034 December Dementia and Creativity
Dementia is the name given to symptoms of confusion and memory loss which result from many conditions which effect and gradually destroy the brain, the most common being Alzheimer's. Dementia is not a disease in itself. Many of those who have, or are close to someone with dementia, experience a journey into darkness with little that is positive to offset their sense of profound loss. There is however one area of hope that is a powerful force that transforms the perception and experience of those with dementia: the phoenix of creativity.
033 November Girls, Software, and Gaming
Despite the efforts of the gaming industry and the desire from a large constituency who feel girls might play more software games if only more titles were targeted towards their interests, it seems that most girls simply aren't interested in playing with software. I ponder on the issues surrounding this perhaps contentious statement.
032 October Ethics and Creativity
There are times when creative professionals may be asked to work in an area that is in conflict with their conscience, when the work we do may in some way directly or indirectly support activities or businesses we would otherwise choose not to be associated with. This column is devoted to a scenario that touches on some of the issues surrounding this ethical dimension of offering creative services, and the actions that might be contemplated.
031 September Inspire Me
You're looking for the spark that fires your excitement. You desire inspiration, a place to begin, a place that will keep you burning through the early hours, a drive that will not let you rest until the creative act is done...
030 August Finding Balance
My greatest challenge is to find balance between the work I love to do and the work I have to do. My difficulty in doing so is in common with all those who find their lives driven by the practical needs of making a living. There are periods when what is most important struggles to survive...
029 July Good Art, Bad Art
Art surrounds us at every turn. Some we consider good, and much we consider of no particular value. Can anyone produce art? What is 'good art'?
028 June No Talent? No Problem
Intelligence is overrated almost as much as talent. Having either quality is neither a recipe for achieving success or happiness, although both qualities may bring economic gain. Unlocking talent, and achieving its potential is only part of the broader picture of what goes to make a creative powerhouse...
027 May The Purpose of Art
Considering the purpose of art is constructive if somewhat perplexing. The more we think carefully about our chosen medium of expression, the more we become capable of exploiting its power and potential...
026 April Emotion and Creativity
Emotion is the engine that drives our actions. Being aware of the forces emotions exert is an important part of the toolset the creative person has at their disposal. How we feel, and how others feel about the products of creativity should always be at the forefront of the creative act.
025 March A thing of beauty
What makes an object, music, words, or a person, beautiful? Can a taste or smell be beautiful? Can we touch 'beauty'? Here are my thoughts on how we know that most difficult to contemplate, yet easily experienced quality we call beauty.
024 February Sharing Movies
At its heart, art is a social phenomenon. That is, someone makes something and it is shared, either remotely by the 'author' and a 'reader', or with others, like a trip to the movies. The products of our creativity might be perceived of as luxuries by some, yet they are what defines us as a species.
023 January In the face of despair
On 26 December 2004 an earthquake occurred just off the coast of Indonesia. The quake, the most powerful for 40 years, triggered a series of deadly waves, which fanned out across the Indian Ocean. At least 200,000 people in coastal areas from Somalia to Sumatra were killed and many millions left destitute.


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